It’s KnitFreedom’s 3rd Birthday: Get 50% Off TODAY ONLY

cupcake with three candlesHappy birthday to us, happy birthday TO us, happy BIRTHday to KnitFreeeeeedommmmmmm…

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Happy birthday to us!

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Happy birthday & happy knitting!
Liat from KnitFreedom

About Liat Gat - Founder

Liat is the founder and video knitting expert at KNITFreedom. If you liked this article, you'll love the tips you learn from her FREE video newsletter. Get it now by subscribing here.
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One Response to It’s KnitFreedom’s 3rd Birthday: Get 50% Off TODAY ONLY

  1. You’ve shown me how to tink and now I use it often, but what should I do when I come to a sl1, k2tog, psso. I have been taking those out the old fashioned way. Can I tink them too?

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