Beginning Knitter or Advanced: You Can Master the Art of Magic Loop Knitting Without Struggle.

ebook-cover-ds-06-magic-loop-knittingIntroducing the fastest and easiest way to knit in the round

Magic Loop lets you work faster than ever before and even easily knit socks two-at-a-time!

“Magic Loop” Video E-Book – Only $17.97

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Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Introducing The First And Only Magic Loop Video E-Book

The Magic Loop is not a knitting tool that you buy – it’s a way of knitting that you learn. Using a 40- to 47-inch-long circular knitting needle, you can knit tubes of any diameter – from the body of a sweater to the finger of a glove, with no laddering, stretched-out stitches, or dropped or lost double-pointed needles.

It’s the elegant and easy way to knit in the round! Once you learn Magic Loop knitting, you can then start to knit two-at-a-time: mittens, socks, sweater sleeves – your projects come out exactly the same, you finish both items at the same time, and you are happy and proud! In this video course,

You’ll learn…

  • Options for knitting in the round, and what makes Magic Loop great
  • How to select the right needles for Magic Loop (and why you won’t have to buy another length of circular needle ever again!)
  • How to do Magic Loop – FAST
  • How to adapt any pattern in the round to Magic Loop
  • Advanced Magic Loop knitting skills and challenges
  • Common mistakes that people run into when doing Magic Loop, so that you can be sure you are doing it the easiest way.


What is a video knitting course?

  • Magic Loop Video Course Sample Page

    Magic Loop Video Course Sample Page (click to enlarge)

    It’s a digital book with videos integrated right into the written lessons.

  • The videos stream from the Internet, so you can download the book instantly
  • The streaming videos save your computer’s hard-drive space
  • You get a front-row view of everything you need to learn
  • The full-page, high-resolution videos play right in your book – no more searching the Internet for the right video when you’d rather be knitting!

“You explain Magic Loop a lot better than other videos I’ve seen :)” -Nemo1500

Who is this course good for?

  • Intermediate knitters who have never tried knitting in the round
  • Knitters who hate DPNs!
  • Anyone who wants to be able to knit two-at-a-time
  • Knitters who want to start knitting mittens, socks and hats

Because you learn so many new skills in this book, you should be comfortable with knitting and purling before you begin. Need  a refresher? Just download my free video knitting dictionary, and you’ll have all the resources you need to get started!

This is a guaranteed course – if after you buy this course, you don’t love Magic Loop and using all the new skills you’ve learned, you’ll have the safety of a full refund for up to one year from your purchase date, AND I’ll personally help you find the resources that will work for you.

With 10 high-resolution videos just on Magic Loop knitting, this is a proven resource. I am offering this much-awaited book for $17.97. You’re guaranteed to love it!


“Magic Loop” Video E-Book – Only $17.97

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Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Knitting in the Round on Magic Loop is a comprehensive, self-guided course disguised as an eBook. Easy-to-see demonstrations and clear, concise written instruction take you from beginning (casting on) to finished project in no time.” -Knit Purl Gurl

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I’m going to let you take two months to try out my courses! Your experience is guaranteed to be amazing – if you don’t absolutely love all the new skills you’ve learned, and tell all your friends about how great it is to be a Knitting Superstar, you get your money back right away!

I’ll even personally help find the videos you need. Just let me know – I am here for you.

I dare you to find a sweeter guarantee than this.

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