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Advanced Knitting: Exactly How to Get Started Creating the Projects of Your Dreams

In the Tree of Techniques (my visual guide to becoming a better knitter, below) the top of the tree represents advanced knitting. In the wrong spot? Read my posts on Beginner Knitting and Intermediate Knitting. These projects are what most … Continue reading

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Intermediate Knitting: How to Go From Knitting Basic Scarves to Making Beautiful Hats and Socks

In my last post I talked to you about the Tree of Techniques – specifically the trunk of the tree which contains the foundations of knitting for beginners. Today I want to talk to you about the sweet spot at … Continue reading

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Knitting for Beginners: Your Step-by-Step Roadmap to Knitting Success

If you’ve been following along with my most recent blog posts, you’ll know we’ve been talking about how to choose the path that’s right for you so you can improve your knitting on your own. One of the tools I … Continue reading

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Short-Tail or Long-Tail? The Fundamental Difference Between Cast-Ons

All the cast-ons in the world can be divided into two categories: short-tail cast-ons and long-tail cast-ons. In a long-tail cast-on, two strands of yarn are used: the working yarn and a long piece of tail yarn. You can ONLY … Continue reading

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For Perfectionist Knitters Only: How To Knit a Swatch In a Hurry

Are You The Kind Of Knitter Who Thinks You “Should” Knit a Gauge Swatch — And Hardly Ever Does? Do you say things like… “I really should collect all my swatches and do something with them,” or “I want to … Continue reading

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