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One of the best instructors for knitting on the internet. Liat is my first “go-to” when I don’t understand something. She not only demonstrates the technique, she is able to explain WHY the technique works.” –Yvonne M.


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The Seven Immutable Laws of Business, Knitting, and Life, According to Liat Gat
Published: November 15th, 2017
Here are seven things I believe in more than anything else.

These seven rules have helped me guide my life, monitor my actions, and let me know what I should do in tricky situations. Read More

I’m Back!
Published: November 8th, 2017

Hello lovely darling followers and blog readers,
Liat Gat here of KnitFreedom. I’m back!

Yes, that’s right, at long last, after a long, much-needed, and much-appreciated hiatus, I’m back at the helm of KnitFreedom and ready to take it wherever it’s going to go next. Read Now

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