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The Seven Immutable Laws of Business, Knitting, and Life, According to Liat Gat

Here are seven things I believe in more than anything else. These seven rules have helped me guide my life, monitor my actions, and let me know what I should do in tricky situations. I’m sharing these rules with you … Continue reading

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Liat and Knitting for Health In The News

Knitting and its health benefits are in the news again. Like me, many of you have experienced the benefits of knitting firsthand. Whether it helps you unwind after a long day, gives you something to look forward to completing, or … Continue reading

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What I Learned From Knitting 200 Bind-Offs

198… 199… 200… As you may know by now, I’ve been working over the past three months to bring you a new and amazing e-book on bind-offs. What you may not know is that I did not have an endless … Continue reading

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Here’s What’s Been Going On…

I’ve missed you guys so much! As you know, I haven’t put up a new blog post since before Thanksgiving, and each week that I’ve missed a new one, I’ve felt more guilty and more pressure to write one. I’ve … Continue reading

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How To Overcome Your Knitting Fears

Warning: this post gets personal. It’s about struggling to overcome habits and thoughts that have bothered you for years. It’s about learning to make a new script, and it’s going to help you with your knitting in a whole new … Continue reading

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