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Thank you so much for your interest in promoting my e-book, “Become a Knitting Superstar!” Let’s help bring Knitting Superstardom to the world!

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I am new to affiliate marketing but I know I have an incredible product that Internet-savvy female knitters aged 35 and older love. Did you know that 1 in 3 American women know how to knit? That’s over 50 million!!

I want to get you all the resources you need to be successful promoting this book. I am gathering resources as we speak, and I’ll post them here as I get more.


“Become a Knitting Superstar” has received many positive reviews! Here are a few samples.




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Products to Give Away

You can give away my Video Knitting Dictionary and my “Learn to Knit!”Video E-Book, as well as my most popular patterns, free to your newsletter subscribers as incentives or gifts. Do not underestimate the free patterns! They drive most of my traffic to my site. If you Google “basic magic loop sock pattern,” you will see that the pattern I am giving you comes up three times on the first page of search results!


Click here to download three sample knitting articles that have not been published elsewhere on the Internet! Feel free to copy and paste the article contents as you choose, but please either use the links embedded in the articles, or use your HopLink to link back to my sales page, so we can both benefit.

You can also visit my expert author page on for more than a dozen more original articles.


Here are links to my most popular YouTube videos – you can use to embed the videos on your site and use your ClickBank link to link to my sales page!

You can also use any of the 200+ knitting videos on my YouTube channel!


You can share my AWeber campaign by entering the code knitfreedom-5f6e5-$F$B in the”Campaign Sharing”box on your Follow Up Messages page.

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Download the Product for Yourself

Please contact me to request a free copy of of”Become a Knitting Superstar!”so you can see the product for yourself!

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I’m new to this and open to feedback – please let me know what else I can do to help you succeed as an affiliate!