Recognizing When You’ve Slipped a Stitch

Whoops! You're knitting along and you see a strange, stretched-out stitch right in the middle of your work.

Plus, you have a weird, floating piece of yarn across the back.

It's okay - what happened is that you slipped a stitch while you were knitting - it accidentally got transferred from the left-hand needle to the right.

You usually can't see this kind of mistake unless you are using large or light-colored yarn, but for the exacting knitters among you, here's how to recognize and fix it:

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Accidentally Slipped A Stitch - Recognizing And Fixing

As you can see in the video, one clue that alerts you to the accidentally-slipped stitch is that the slipped stitch is mounted backwards on the needle.

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5 thoughts on “Recognizing When You’ve Slipped a Stitch”

  1. I had to do this several times today whilst tinking back on a shawlette I screwed up. As I was removing stitches, yep, some of them wanted to just jump off and disappear into oblivious freedom. SO, this is a great tutorial for fixes!

    Ohey, I’m heading over to get your e-book now!

    Cya in YooToob!

    1. Woo hoo! I love it when the tips that I post help someone right away! Thanks for getting my e-book – I hope you absolutely love it!


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