Enter to win a $250 Gift Certificate to Signature Needle Arts

I'm excited to share this giveaway with you today, because Signature Needles are my absolute favorite needles. You've seen them in nearly every video I have made for you!

Below, you can enter to win a $250 gift certificate to Signature Needle Arts. With this gift certificate you could buy one of their luxurious gift sets and a couple single point needles!

We will notify the winner via email on Friday, 5/15 at 7am Pacific time.

To enter, take a little stroll around Signature's website, and let us know in the comments below what you would buy if you won the gift certificate.

Click here to visit Signature Needle Arts.

I'm particularly fond of their size 9 stiletto tip. :)

Update: So sorry that we've had a problem with the link to the survey. Don't worry - to enter, make sure you click "Enter" in the Rafflecopter widget, and comment below with what you would buy if you won the gift certificate. Good luck!

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914 thoughts on “Enter to win a $250 Gift Certificate to Signature Needle Arts”

  1. Since I can’t get the link to work in the rafflecopter (it says survey already taken) I would get the The Cicada Kit Designed by Toby Roxane- it is so pretty and has everything included- so easy!

    1. I would buy sizes 6 – 9 single point 7 inch needles with the stiletto point and tear drop at the end, and then sizes 7 and 9 circulars, also with the stiletto tip. I love the perfectly balanced feel of these needles in my hands (already have three sizes.)

      1. Margot Gregory

        I would buy needles and yarn to share with my knitting guild. To use for chemo caps and knitted knockers for our local breast cancer center.

        1. I have one set of signature dps, number one. I love, love, love them. I would give the money to the person above whose group knits chemo caps.

    1. Susan Yamaguchi

      I have been working on having a complete set of Signature circular needles for awhile now, so I would be more than thrilled to be able to complete my set. I love my Signature circulars!!!!!

  2. I couldn’t get the survey to work either (nor would the extra entries for sharing the giveaway :S) so here’s mine:

    I’d get some sock sized circs for magic loop 2 at a time socks. That was one of my favourite skills I learned from you, Liat! <3

  3. To win these needles would be a dream come true. I would get a complete set of the circular needles & some small size ones for doing magic loop socks which I love to make.

  4. The survey would not work for me. It said I had already taken it, but, I had not!
    If I won, I would put 86 dollars with it and buy the complete set with case. I LOVE these needles. They are the absolute BEST!


  5. Nancy Douglas

    I love to knit, but I have arthritis in both hands. Have been using cubics but would love to try the needles that you rave about. I would choose these circulars in at least a 40″ length so I can do magic loop. Thanks for the opportunity to enter and win these awesome needles! I love your knitting superstar and am now knitting socks with the help of the videos. I have only been knitting a year, but with your help, I am now knitting more advanced things! It keeps me sane. Thanks for everything!!!

  6. Also couldn’t get the survey to work. I only use circulars; the yarn gets caught/tangled on the end of the needle when I use straights because I hold my yarn in my right hand. So … I’d buy some sizes of the beautiful circulars.

  7. First of all, I would be in Knitters Heaven! With the 250.00 Clift certificate I would complete my gorgeous set of Signature Circular Needles. Knitting with them is like knitting with air! Such a dream…..

    1. Survey did not work for me either. With the $250 gift certificate I would like to try some of the circulars, straight and double points since I have not experienced using Signature Needles yet.

  8. Linda Williams

    I couldn’t get the link to open either, it said I already entered which I don’t remember doing.

  9. What a great giveaway! I would put the money towards a set of convertible circular needles. Good luck to everyone.

  10. I also could not get the survey to work, said I had already taken it. I would use the gift to buy circular needles. I have been knitting with old inherited ones from my mother and mother in law. Sure could use some new circulars.

  11. I couldn’t get it to work either – says I’ve already been there. I wonder if it is because I followed the link to the website for a drool first!
    I would get some convertible circulars as they are what I use most.

  12. Cheryl Ryshpan

    Survey went on vacation. I would get a shawl pin, the sock blockers, stitch markers, and some needles.

  13. I’ve been eyeing these since I first saw them in your videos I have purchased. I would go for a multi colored multi topped straight set. These are so cool!

  14. I can’t get the survey to work either. If I won, I would run, not walk, to get the set of circs I have been coveting (with Stiletto tips, natch!). I love the look of these needles, have heard such great things about them, and can’t wait to get some in my hands!!

  15. I would love to add some double points to my collection and maybe a circular in sizes 7 and 9 (since I use those the most).

  16. Doubt this give a way is working. Like others error code says I had a prior entry (nope), then I cannot enter the other options. Also having difficulty entering this post; error code says I am typing too fast!

    Would sure like a Signature Set

  17. Jo-Ann Thornton

    When I opened the link it said I already took the survey??? Would use the certificate to complete my set of circular needles.

  18. I also couldn’t get the survey to work, so I’ll answer here.

    I’d have a very hard time deciding, but I think I’d go for circs with stiletto points in 5 & 6 or so – those are lovely!

  19. I also could not get the link to work and it said I had already taken the survey. I have three circular needles from Signature Needle Arts and love, love, love them, so I would complete my set and feel like Christmas has come early!

  20. Same problem with the entry not working. I am a big fan of Signature Needles and would love to add to my interchangeable circular set.

  21. I had trouble with the survey link, too. That Premier Gift Set looks pretty awesome! And maybe I would get a kit to go along with it. Thanks!

  22. Oooh, I would get the 7″ straight needle set and the cable needles look really cool as well.
    Thank you.

  23. The survey didn’t work for me either… I’d love to own Signature Convertible Circular needles…

  24. Katherine A Smith

    I have absolutely everything signature offers…but…the 5 inch circular set. If I didnt keep it for myself I have a very poor friend that cant afford anything. Ive been trying to keep her supplied. Just because someones poor doesnt mean that they shouldnt have them…right? Blessings to all…kathy xox

  25. Yes, the entry is not working. I would go for a convertible circular set – $250 would go a long way towards that.

  26. Same problem as the rest of the commenters (survey isn’t working for me).

    I’d get a new set of circs and some (lots!) yummy silk/bamboo yarn.

  27. I would totally buy a few US 3 circular needles. Stiletto tips. 24″, 32″ and 40″ cables. 5″ needle length. Sock blockers. Yarn bowl. And a sweater’s worth of Miss Babs Plum/tulipa yarn for a lovely sweater.

  28. I couldn’t get it to work either :(

    I’d probably get some more circulars and double pointed needles.

  29. I couldn’t get the survey to work either but with the gift certificate I would also complete my circular knitting needle set.

  30. Link not working for me either. I would get the straight needle set since I lost all my metal needles in a flood and have never replaced them. Have been using Addi circs and wooden straights but would love the Signature straights. What a luxury!

  31. Wow, these are some incredible looking needles. I would love to use them and if I won would get the full convertible circular set probably with a stiletto point. Awesome!

  32. Leticia Hernandez

    Rafflecopter widget not working–It said that I had already taken the survey. So if I won, I would buy circulars or maybe some DPN’s, or some wonderful combination.

  33. I would love to get a bunch of the circular needles in the sizes I use most, from US 2 on up to US 7.

  34. Also couldn’t get the survey to work. I would mostly buy circulars and probably one set of double points for socks. I have always wanted to try Signatures!

  35. I can’t enter via the Rafflecopter either – it says I have no entries, but I would love the prize to spend on the Signature convertible circulars. Love the look of those :)

  36. I’m having the same problem everyone else is having. Says I already took the survey. I would use the gift certificate to buy some short circulars for sock knitting. What a marvelous luxury that would be!

  37. Merilyn Burnside

    I tried to enter but received a response that I had already entered! I don’t think so. Could you please enter me?
    I covet the few Signature needles I have. I use them for fingering weight and lace weight projects because they are perfect Stiletto points. I would double up the sizes I have – 4 through 7 and maybe some different length cables – all stiletto.
    Thanks so much

  38. Link wouldn’t work for me either! I would apply the $250 to a set of convertibles!
    Thank you Liat for a chance to win!

  39. I couldn’t get the link to work either, but I would like to have some straight needles in smaller sizes 2 and up.

  40. Survey says, “survey, what survey?” Even so, I would definitely get more circular needles, and a case or three to hold them all. I sock some away for Christmas presents with the socks I made. I’d make a seamless sweater for my little dog, I’m thinking cables. I would have fun.

  41. Robyn Johnson

    Said I’d already given my opinion…never been to this survey in my life. I know I could be considered opinionated but c’mon now! :) Circular needles are my choice, you can’t do shawls without them. Never have enough sizes, and they are so pretty to boot. When posting this it says “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”
    Never mind.

  42. as with the others, when I went to the link, it said I’d already taken the survey. since I rarely use straight needles, I’d go for a set of dps or a circ in a size for knitting socks

  43. I would use the gift certificate for a variety of products. I would choose a kit with some needles thrown in to boot.

  44. Rafflecopter says I’ve already completed the survey – If I win, I’d buy the fixed circs in my favorite sizes.

  45. I could not get it to work either so here is my dream. The full set of circulars. I will print and tuck this under my pillow tonight. Sweet dreams everyone

  46. I could not get the rafflecopter (it says survey already taken) as well but should I win the gift certificate, I would love to have the circulars.

  47. felice rhiannon

    I would get a set of convertible circulars with lots of cables! I’m eager to try signature needles. I think of them as the rolls royce of knitting tools!

    and I’m so grateful for your videos in continental style! they are clear and concise and easy to follow.

    stitchingly yours,

  48. Amy Koblenzer

    I too couldn’t enter the giveaway-away as it says I’ve alrea taken the survey, but if I were to win, I would most certainly put the $250 towards a convertible set of circulars. It seems I never have the right size and length at home!

  49. Suzanne Inzerille

    I tried to post a comment and not sure it worked, so here goes again.

    I’ve read and heard a lot about Signature Needles but, unfortunately they are out of my price range so all I can do is dream about them. With a gift certificate I could make that dream come true and start my own collection of Signature Straight Needles!

  50. I would definitely get the Signature Circular Set with a pretty storage case. I love these needles! I am grateful for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  51. I also could not get the survey to work. If I were to win I would use the gift certificate for a variety of products, needles and kits. Variety is the spice of life.

  52. Hi Lait, when filling out my name and email, and do what it directs me too, it says I’ve already filled out the survey????? I haven’t so whatever, if I was lucky enough to win I would purchase a few stillito needles and the signature. I’ve always loved the looks of your needles Lait when I’m watching your video’s, I keep telling myself, I have to give those a try. Maybe you should check out the link so people wouldn’t have such a hard time trying to enter this giveaway. Thanks, love your video’s. Ruth

  53. I would love to OWN the complete convertible circular set and all the cable lengths plus the DPNs. Thank you for this opportunity to own these beauties!

  54. I couldn’t get the survey to work either. Ooh, I’m still a total newbie and very slowly working through your knitting course. I’d definitely get the Signature Stilletoes…they’re currently on my dream list.

  55. So many pretty things to choose. If I won I would choose the Cicada Kit Shawl. (Have been looking for a less complicated shawl) Beyond Knit and Purl sock set. (these look like they could be for men or women, and I want some socks for my husband to wear with his sandles instead of the awful white gym socks he wears.) And lastly, just for me the Signature Gift Set. Because I would love a yarn bowl. I pass them by at every wool and sheep fest, and these happen to be made very close to where I live. Can’t wait for you to pick a winner. Crossing my fingers on this one.

  56. Hi!
    I also got the survey already taken message. ;(

    I have a number of stiletto signature circulars (many convertibles) that I have purchased over time. I would love to be able to complete my convertible circular set and add a number of different length cables and maybe most importantly buy some gorgeous new sock sized needles (middys). My current pair are stilettos and every time I use them, I end up with painful holes poked through my thumbs. :(

  57. I had the same problem as many others taking the survey. That doesn’t dampen my desire for some new Signature circulars and double points, however. They are beautiful.

  58. I was told that I replied too quickly here ?? after being told I had already entered the survery. I’ll try posting this again.
    If I won I would spend it on the circular set.

  59. K. Stephen Nelson

    This might take awhile to figure out, since I already own a large collection of needles. I need to take inventory and figure out which ones some of my knitting friends have forgotten to return/broken after borrowing them!

  60. Caroline Finneran

    Couldn’t get the survey to work. Nothing is more frustrating than not having the right needles to start a new project. For me that means having to wait until I can make a 100+ mile round trip into town. I would definitely use the certificate to fill in the holes in the collection of needles!

  61. The survey didn’t work for me. I would get the Signature circular needles, they are beautiful. I really enjoy your classes.

  62. I hope this contest will work so that we can still enter… I would buy the blocking cloth, the cicada scarf kit, the lovely wooden stitch markers, and some circular or double point needles. My best friend loves her signature circular set, and I am eager to give them a try myself.

  63. Laurie Ralston

    I would purchase needles both circular and double points. I love signatures with stiletto tips!

  64. I’m sorry; I’m having the same issue as others with the survey. :(

    I would love to get a set of convertible circular set. Thank you for this opportunity! :)

  65. Definitely need some of those convertible circulars! But I’d be happy when just about anything. I’ve never used any of the signature needles before and they look so sbelte.

  66. I couldn’t get the survey to work either. I would get the circular convertible needles with the stiletto points! Signature needles are fabulous! Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. As with so many previous posters, survey not working for me; same “you took the survey already” message. Nonetheless, I’d love to try these beautiful needles! I’d use the gift certificate for a set of convertible circulars.

  68. I couldn’t get the survey to work either. I prefer knitting with circulars for everything. I would get myself a set of interchangeable circular needles.

  69. I got the same glitch the others reported. But I did check out the website and would love to have the full set of circular needles (stilettos)! These needles are so elegant.

  70. I too can’t survey to work. But, I would get needles and maybe more needles. They are so pretty I like knitting something pretty with pretty needles.

  71. chelsea lee-keenan

    I couldn’t get the link to work either but I’d love to get some of the tear drop tip straight needles. they are so stunning!

  72. Bernice Butler

    I have always admired these needles from afar because I can’t afford to get them. It would be a dream to add them to my knitting tools

  73. Susan Collins

    I too wasn’t able to answer the question … but I’d use the certificate toward a complete set of circulars. While I have drooled over these needles many times I don’t use a particular needle or cable length often enough to justify the purchase but with a gift certificate I’d definitely buy the set.

  74. I also got the survey error message. I would purchase as many convertible circs as I possibly could. I prefer longer cords, as I absolutely love the magic loop method.

  75. Judith K Walker

    I would get some more circular needle sets. I only use circulars – sold my straight needles years ago!

    The link needs to be fixed as I also got the message I had already taken the survey.

  76. bjeanie13@telus.net

    I would like to have the set of circular needles ad several of the double points for socks!
    Thanks, Jeanie

  77. Bernice Butler

    It would be a dream to be able to add these needles to my knitting tools. I have for a long time now wished I could own knitting needles like these, but I have not been able to afford them.

  78. I would probably get a full convertible set of circulars. I’ve never tried their needles but they look gorgeous! And I tend to use my interchangeable circular sets more than my straights.

  79. Definitely would buy the circular needles. I already have the DPN set and absolutely love them!

  80. I would invest in some dpn’s…I have heard nothing but great things about these needles and I would love an opportunity to try some!

  81. Sharon Walker.

    I was not able to answer the question on the giveaway. I would love circular needles. I find the weight is easier on my hands, since I knit mostly for charity -I need the extra comfort. Thankyou❤️

  82. I haven’t ever used these needles, so I’m excited for the opportunity to win them! I would definitely get an interchangeable set.


  83. I got the same error – that I had already taken the survey :-( Anyways, if I won, I would buy some circular needles (I use them for almost everything!) and I like the sock blocker. They are hard to find in local stores, and I’ve never seen one like that before. Very cool!
    Thanks Liat for a great giveaway! Keeping fingers crossed… :-)

  84. Survey did not work for me, either, nor did it register that I posted/shared on my FB. That’s okay. It only takes one entry to win. :) If I won the gift certificate, I’d use it towards a Convertible Circular Set. Thank you for offering the giveaway!

  85. This is so exciting – I have one pair of Signatures and I love them! I would buy circular sizes for knitting socks.


  86. Not working so I will post here as others have… I would definitely put the certificate towards a set of interchangeables with stiletto tips for lace ~ and a set of dpn’s for socks. Thanks for the chance to win! I hear these needles are a dream to work with!

  87. I was also told that I had completed the survey already. I would first enjoy just having the gift certificate then I would add the the $86.00 to the $250 and purchase the Convertible Circular Set. I have just returned to knitting after a 30 year hiatus. I’m love’ n KnitFreedom. It has truly helped me get back in the swing or the k1, p1

  88. The survey said it was already completed. I have a set of Signature circular needles which I dearly love so I would choose the single point stiletto needles. Love your classes, can’t wait for the Lace Class.

  89. I too could not make a comment in the Rafflecopter, but I’d start with a few pairs of stiletto single-tip needles. They look awesome and those tips look like they’d be so cool to work with!

  90. Oh, the shopping would be so much fun. Would fill in the sizes I am missing hopefully a kit or two.

  91. Soooo bummed the survey will not work :o( What it would feel like to knit with such a high quality needle “circular Stiletto” for this gal!!! The circular set(bamboo) I have were from china off ebay for $15, they work fine but could you just imagine the feel of steel with stiletto point, WOW watch out kids Mama’s knitting now. Liat I always admired when you used signatures in your videos. Hugs

  92. Mippy/Sabrina

    Hi! I couldn’t do the survey as it says it was already completed,so I am posting my entry here. If I win I will most likely purchase the Signature Convertible Circular Knitting Needle Set. So excited! Thank you for the chance! :)

  93. Can you say kid in a candy shop? I want new circs! No, wait, a sock kit! No wait! The needle cases are so beautiful… :)

  94. I’m having issues all over the place trying to enter. I really like the look of those convertible circulars though.

  95. I join the ranks of those who could not get the rafflecopter to work so…..Iwould buy different cord lengths to go with my Signature circulars. I love the sharps and have accumulated each available size over time but found myself missing a 16″ cord I needed the other day. I would also consider getting some dpn’s.

  96. Sherida Ribordy

    I couldn’t get the entry to work….I would get the circular convertible needles…I do a lot with the circular needles and it would be nice to have the different lengths.

  97. Like other commenters, the link said I had taken the survey and I hadn’t!!! Anyway, I would buy the circular needles!! Wheeeeee! :-)

  98. Sharon Dowhan

    I could not get the Rafflecopter to work. I think I would have to try some of each type needle’s

  99. I couldn’t do the survey, but I would answer that I would buy as many circular needles as I could, starting with sizes 7, 8, and 9. Then some in size 3 for socks which I learned from you, Liat! And maybe a couple straights because they are so pretty, especially the purple ones! Oh, I hope my name is drawn. I’d love to try the stiletto tips!

  100. I would definitely put the money toward a set of convertible circulars. I own one set of the old fixed length circulars and they are outstanding.

  101. I covet circulars in several sizes and a set of 5 dons in the 2.75 size. Love the signature needles I already have! Great product.

  102. (Also received error message.) Thanks for the opportunity to win these needles! Signature is one of just a handful of brands that do not contain nickel, which I am blisteringly allergic to. If I turned out to be the fortunate winner, the 4″ Circular Set would be my choice. The smaller needles make knitting mittens and hats simple by not having to switch to DPNs towards the end. Thank you, Liat!

  103. With the $250 gift certificate, I would start building a collection of 10″ single point/straight needles by Signature by getting the middy, spiral sizes 6-10 with a monogram on each pair! Exquisite!!

    I have already had wonderful experiences with their circulars and double pointed needles!

  104. I would probably use it for dpns. But, I might use it towards a circular set since I do need circulars with a sharper point.

  105. It said I had already taken the survey, so it wouldn’t let me put what I’d get, but I’d get the Sock Blocker and a set of interchangeable circular needles. Hope I’m still entered in the drawing …

  106. Oh my heavens! I would change all my needles to Signature! I have always wanted to try them. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try and win!

  107. Couldn’t get it to work either…..if I were to win, I’d buy interchangeable needle set! I love the idea of having an all-in-one set!

  108. LaShanna Doyle

    I would purchase some circulars or maybe some dpns….not sure really….they’re all so pretty! I want ALL THE THINGS!!

  109. I would definitely get some Signature Stilettos! I’m an avid lace knitter and have been knitting shawls for my knitting mentor and wedding and other gift shawls for my friends for years now. The sharper the needle, the better, and Stilettos are the sharpest.

  110. I would love to begin getting some straight needles and invest in some kits! Thank you for offering this contest!

  111. I see my friends who use the needles and I am saving up for a couple, I would love size 5,6,7 stilettos with a few cables to start! I knit mainly lace and need them badly

  112. Though the Rafflecopter said I have one entry, I couldn’t leave a message there. However, I would purchase a set of circulars, probably combining some middy and some stiletto needles and varying size cables, if possible. That way I could check out both and, since I don’t always prefer the pointier needle, it would give me a choice. They are beautiful knitting needles!

  113. Without a second thought I’d have the interchangeable circular needles ibn addition to a couple of ‘extra’ sizes.

  114. Patricia Moyle

    These needles look amazing! Since I always have more than 1 project going at any time, I would love to have #s 5, 6, 7 & 8 circulars, with 20″ and 32″ cables. I would also like double points in #s 4, 5 & 6, as I do not have those sizes.

  115. Barbara LeBlanc

    I would buy Size 1 and 2 double points for my sock knitting and then I would use the rest of the money to buy circulars in the sizes I use most frequently.

  116. oh I KNOW already what I would buy!!! I LOVE these needles! I would add my own money to the prize money and get the entire set of circulars! it’s been a dream of mine. I love the middy points and bought one pair because I saw you using them Liat!!!
    thanks for the opportunity to win something so precious, and thank YOU for EVERYTHING you do! I swear I don’t know where you get your energy! lol

  117. I would use mine toward a set of straight point stilettos. I’ve learned soooo much from Liat in the last 6 months and looking forward to learning new skills and starting new projects.

  118. I’d definitely go for Stiletto circulars. I’m assuming the comments here are the entries, since rafflecopter won’t let us post anything there. And I post too quickly, here. I LOVE these comment things.

  119. Michelle Carter

    I love, love, love Signature Arts! I would complete my double point collection and purchase a size 6 and a size 2 circular!

  120. Margaret Rutherford

    I would start replacing all my DPNs! All mine are bent and warped, especially the fine ones. Oh how nice it would be to work with a set of 5 as well :)

  121. I couldn’t get the link to work either. I’d buy a full set of the circulars with the middy tip, from size 3 needles to size 10.5 with 5-24″ cables, and 3-40″ cables. Or maybe a 47″ thrown in for really big magic loop. I realize this is more than $250, but I’d come up with the rest.
    Middy tip.

  122. I could not answer the above question when entering the give-away as it was not working, but if I were to win, I would buy an set of needles for all the ladies in my knitting group.

  123. Carla Burgoon

    I would buy more needles if I won the $250.00 gift certificate for Signature Needles. They are the best. I love my dpns! They survey was not working.

  124. If I won the gift certificate, I could definitely use a complete set of Signature interchangeable needles. I have heard the cords are very flexible and since I love Liat’s Toe-Up Two-At-Time pattern and always have a set of socks going, I could really use new needles!

  125. Etsuko Tsuchiya

    I’d get the dpns make your own set, and some accessories. You can’t have ‘enough’ dpn sets!

  126. I couldn’t even get past the login on the survey. Tech Support will be busy tonight!
    I’d use the prize as a contribution towards purchase of a convertible set. Love the flexibility!!!

  127. I would love to add some circular and double pointed needles to my collection. It would be really nice to have superior quality needles to work with.

  128. Like many of the others, I could NOT get the link to work – never got to a part that even mentioned a survey – only the site which showed all of their products – which by the way, are ALL fabulous. If I were lucky enough to win, I would definitely try to “fill in the gaps” with the circular needle set. What a great contest – Thanks for sharing.

  129. I would buy a set of convertible needles and some single points. I have one set of single points and they are wonderful needles.

  130. Just like almost everyone else, the link to the survey said I had already taken it. Just like almost everyone else, if I won I would a complete set of their convertible circular stalks and some cables. Probably even add some of my own money so I could buy a full set of eight cables to match my eight stalks and get the free fabric case. (Hope I win! I’ve wanted some Signatures for years!)

  131. I would buy as many stiletto needles (circulars) as possible! Or maybe the dpns. Maybe I should just win and see how I feel then! Thanks!

  132. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the interchangeable set! My hands aren’t liking straights these days. I’m anxious for your lace class and some new needles ;)

    I couldn’t get the link either

  133. Here’s my answer to the survey question:

    A $250 gift certificate would be an awesome way to get introduced to Signature Needles! At this point in my knitting ability, I have not yet tried/purchased any Signature Needles, so I would order a nice sampling of their needles. :-)

    In addition, I would get some needles for my daughter. We like to sit and knit together, so sharing the $250 gift certificate with her would be fun.

  134. Survey wouldn’t work for me either. Since I have not had the pleasure of using Signature Needles I would get some circular, straight and double points. They have some awesome looking kits as well.

  135. Nancy Fanzlaw

    Couldn’t open the link to register. But, if I won, oh gosh! Once I picked myself up off the floor and dried the drool on my chin, I’d gather up my needles and see what I needed to fill in the ‘blank spaces’. Then I’d order some more new needles for a friend who loves to knit, but is on a super, super tight budget and surprise her by sharing the fun!

  136. I only have one set of Signature dpns and they are my favorite needles ever. I would get the circulars in several sizes.

  137. I would buy needles, of course! How can anyone have too many needles? I love that you can choose the sizes of the circulars that you want in a set. It took me forever to find a set of circulars that included smaller needles, since I knit a lot of doilies with thread.

  138. I would pick up as many circular needles, starting with size 3, as I could :) These look wonderful.

  139. The knit kits look so scrumptious and it would be wonderful to have extra-special needles to put socks and scarves together.

  140. I love love love that they have a choice of needle length and many more options of cable lengths. Not sure what I would buy, but it would sure be fun to figure it out if I win! thanks!

  141. I could not get the site to open either.

    I love the convertible circular needle set in lieu I’ve never tried convertible needles before and this would really give me an opportunity to do so. From the introductory video, the Signature needle seem to reduce potential pain from knitting by designing needles in a size that would reduce arthritis pain from knitting. I have occasional carpel tunnel syndrome pain and this would really help alleviate it and I can enjoy knitting for long period of time!

  142. I would put the gift towards a convertible circ set & make up the difference myself – so worth it!

  143. If I received the certificate I would purchase some of their convertible circulars with a stiletto tip. It’s great that you can customize the sizes you want in a kit so you are getting just what you need. Thanks Liat for making the opportunity available to all of us.

  144. Oh gosh, so many choices and need so much. Needles would be first, circular, DPN, yarn. I know I can spend it all and squeal all the way home!!!

  145. I couldn’t get the link to let me answer the question so I am sending it here to your blog. I would buy a full set of convertible circulars and cable needles

  146. I would definitely complete my circular needle collection! It seems that I never have the correct one!

  147. Decisions, decisions! I would either put it towards the convertible set OR double points since I gave up on wood double points years ago. Probably the convertible set with as much lace knitting as I do.

  148. Eileen miller

    i love the convertible circs I have one and would like more. There comfortable to use and don’t hurt my hands. Would use the gift certificate for those. Thanks to signature for having the contest.

  149. I would start a collection of signature arts needles. I am currently using needles passed down from my mother and my nanna.

  150. Janice Salminen

    I love trying new types of needles, my hands love them, my yarn and my work of art loves them, so I welcome the Signature Convertible Circulars into my Life!!!!

  151. I have been drooling over Signature needles for sometime now. I would probably get a set of convertible needles in a mix of Stiletto and Middy points, if I were to win the giveaway.

  152. I would be very deliberate in my selection, choosing my most commonly used sizes. Of course one of those would be for magic loop socks. I have been a fan since they first came out, the LYS I worked had them and I was able to see the Signatures in action. Needle lust!

  153. I would fill in ,my collection of needles and spend the rest on awesome accessories like a yarn bowl and stitch markers

  154. Since I am unable to get the survey link to work, I’ll answer the question here: I would love to have some famous Signature needles! They look stunning, and of course, having good tools is always an essential part of any project…especially these would be nice for colourwork!

    Please count me in!

  155. Joyce Karaviotou

    Yikes! Is right! I have never owned a signature needle but droll over them always! They are gorgeous! Definitely stiletto tips. What a shopping experience this would be!
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  156. Too much to choose from! I would probably start out with some of the average sized circular needles. Also, love the single pointed needles! Thank you for the giveaway!

  157. Gosh! It is a toss up between the convertible circular set and the double point needles. So Beautiful!

  158. Peggy Bamford

    The Signature Convertible Circulars on my radar. I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful needle.

  159. I would purchase a circular set starting with needles size 10 and going down. I would get the stiletto tips and the shortest cable length available. Disappointed that Signature does not offer 16-inch circulars for my hat knitting.

  160. Oh how I would LOVE to have Signature Needles – I would spend the gift certificate on starting a collection of the Single Point Needles. I have frequently gone to their site just to admire the needles but am not in a position to be able to afford them. The sharp points as well as their beautiful designs just make me sigh with dreaming of them. Whomever wins this drawing is one very fortunate person!

  161. If I was to be so lucky as to win this very generous gift certificate, I would buy 2.5mm dpns, 2.75mm, also a couple of pairs of straight needles (#6, 8) and at least one circular. I don’t own any of the Signature needles but have admired them for awhile. Good luck everyone!

  162. Ainsley Morris

    I’m going for the circulars! I’ll start with the needle sizes I use most, get all the cables for those sizes. I’m not sure which tip I want so maybe get them with both tips. I’ll even let my sister use them too!

  163. Vicki Walters

    I love, love, love my circulars and would complete the set as well as try a set or two of single point needles.

  164. I absolutely LOVE homemade socks so I’d start my shopping trip with anything to feed that addiction! I found a couple of cool sock kits, a couple books I don’t have, and of course a circular needle set for two at a time toe ups that I’m trying to conquer. Also found some tempting yarns and accessories to top it off. I might cave to my penchant for double points as well. So many choices!

  165. I’d love the set of double pointed needles for lace work with stileto tips. The combination of sharp tips with less likely to slip needles would be perfect.

  166. kathleen carroll

    I couldn’t get the link to work either. I would pick out some super needles I don’t have and start my new project!!!

  167. I’ve never used Signatures of any variety before, but I love me some circulars, so I’d probably use it to get a set of circulars. They look fabulously useful!

  168. I love these needles! I would buy circulars and straights so that I can experience all that signature needle arts has to offer.

  169. Same comment as others unable to enter other than here.
    I came to knitting later in life and have been building up needles it seems every time I knit a new pattern. These signature needles would be a dream to own and knit with. The choice would be most difficult to make. I am. Thinking of my granddaughter, who is 10 and just learning to knit. What a treasure to inherit the beautiful needles thst gramma used to knit my sweater.
    I have learn so many things from your website. Thank you

  170. Sara Beth Villa

    I could not get the link to post.
    I would use the gift certificate to purchase some circular needles to make lap blankets for women at my mom’s nursing home.

  171. Thank you for this opportunity! I would get circular needles to make my first pair of socks. I would share the prize with my best friend of 50 years so we can encourage each other as we learn how to make socks. Your videos are so easy to follow; I love them!

  172. Same deal with the survey – I’d love the Convertible Circular set and I think maybe a couple sets of double points because I like socks on double points. Definitely the stiletto points

  173. Jackie Gardner

    I would like to get the stiletto circular sock knitting two at a time needles. I hear signature are the best. By the way thanks for your tutorials they are great

  174. Jane Henderson

    I have never tried these products but would love to choose any of them in my new knitting adventures.

  175. I would use the gift certificate to get a set of circular needles. They’re the only ones I use. Thanks for the chance to win!

  176. I would get the convertible set of circular needles! I had to answer here as the rafflecopter said I already took the survey( which i didnt)

  177. JoAnn Schmidt

    I LOVE these needles. I would use the money to round out my collection of circular needles. Crossing my fingers and pairs of needles!

  178. I would buy as many Signature Convertible Circulars (Stiletto, of course) as possible with a needle case to store them properly. And I would add a few to the top of the Gift Certificate as a special present to myself. These are my absolute favorite needles!

  179. With a giftcertificate I would buy myself a lovely set of circular needles with different needle sizes especially suitable for socks and different cable lengths. As I only own one good quality circular needle this would be a real treat.

  180. Oooh, these are lovely! I would get some needles for making socks! And a couple pairs of straight needles with spiral caps and stiletto tips in my go to sizes. And lots of the accessories! I love the knitting needle lapel pins and have a shawl I just finished that they would be perfect for :)

  181. I love just looking at these needles! I would get the convertible circulars in my favorite sizes with the stelleto points.

  182. Hollis Ramsey

    also couldn’t get the survey to work. i would complete my set of circulars and get the smallest straights. i love my Signature Stilettos!

  183. I would replace some very old needles that I use. Investing in good needles would be wonderful. I am sure it would add so much to my enjoyment b

  184. Oh for some fine point convertible stiletto needles. I use wood circulars currently, and have yet to find metal circulars that I like. Love well designed products like the Signature Arts needles.

  185. Elizabeth Ann McGovern

    I have always wanted a set of Signature double points, but they are soo out of my price range. If I was to win I would order some of their DP’s.

  186. I would get my Aunt a set of circs. She teaches knitting to high school boys and girls. It would be great for her to knit wth something so nice now and when she retires.

  187. Julie Lankford

    What an awesome and generous giveaway! I’d definitely get some circulars with a long enough cord for magic loop and maybe some DPNs for socks! *fingers crossed*

  188. I would get some circular needles. I have learned two at a time toe up socks from dear Liat and would love to flash some Signature circs at my knitting friends.

  189. My cheap needles are breaking after 5 years, I really need new needles. First I’d buy the Signature Gift Set with a blue yarn bowl, US 8 stilettos teardrop, and Raspberry Bush yarn. Next up Cicada kit with Slate yarn, US 6 circs, 36-inch. I’d round out my purchases with dpn’s US 1, stiletto points, US 5 straight, and a cable needle.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Congrats to the future winner.

  190. I would either buy a few sets of DPNs in my favourite sizes for socks (2.25mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, etc.) or a circular set with stiletto points.

  191. I would buy as many of these needles as possible. I think they would be perfect for lace knitting which I love. My favorite size are 4 and 6 and of course, they would need to be stiletto tips!

  192. I just visited the Signature site for the first time. I could not believe how beautiful the needles are. What a thrill to knit with something so pretty. If I win, I would make a good start toward my collection of circular needles. I might just add a bit of birthday money to make up the rest! I just love the needles.

  193. I would go all out and get the Convertible circular set and make up the difference in price. It is a lifelong dream of mine to possess such wonderful tools and having them would make my knitting experience very special! I am currently using a mish mash of hand me downs from someone’s grannie (some are UGH plastic UGH and some are so long I have almost taken my eye out!) and some fraying, splintery cheap bamboo babies with surgical tubing holding them together!

  194. I have always wanted to try Signature needles. I love a sharp needle! I would buy a little bit of everything because I have to try it all!!

  195. Since I just started knitting after many years, and am now addicted. I would get interchangeable circular needles.

  196. I would replace a variety of straight, double pointed, and circular in my favorite sizes for my favorite projects, but all straight would have the beautiful spiral end!

  197. I would treat myself to a full set of the Signature Convertible Circulars and then get a set of DPNs. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

  198. Cynthia Clark

    I liked the DPN set of six because I could
    pick the sizes that I wanted. I always seem to
    need a size I do not have!

  199. Upon your recommendation, I have two signature circular needles that I love. I’d splurge and get a convertible circular set!

  200. I would love the have the circular needle set. Those are the elite of needles and I would love to have some.

  201. I would definitely buy a circular needle set, it’s neat they have a size 3 available. I wish there was a set of smaller (sock) sizes in a kit. I might buy a kit instead, like the cardigan kit.

  202. Claude La Rue

    Hello Liat

    I would try to get a complete set of circular needles. I have 1 pair of the new interchangeables and I love them.
    Keeping my fingers crossed. Just like Sarah, I learned from you 2 at a time toe-up socks on a magic loop and socks are my favorite thing to knit so I would also get sock needles.

  203. I have longed for some Signature knitting needles. If I won a gift certificate, I would first buy straights in US-7 & US-8, then DPN’s in US-1 for socks. Thank you for this opportunity, Liat.

  204. I would love to have a matching set of needles. I just buy as I need a new needle for a project. This would be great to have a matching set and have needles for whatever I want to make.

  205. Karen Boehlert

    I would have to make up the difference to purchase the Signature convertible circular set. I have a few sets of dpns and a pair of straights and a circular and they are just beautiful and such a pleasure to use. They make knitting that much more rewarding!

  206. I would have to get the circular for sock knitting and then some dpn’s just because I like to use them sometimes. I love those sharp tips and beautiful design.

  207. Margery Chellberg

    I love Signature needles and have several straight pairs and a set of DPNs. I would love to have the circular needles, so I would buy as many of those as I could. I give thanks to Liat for starting me on circulars.

  208. I would get the Signature Circular set — since the one I have currently is 40 years old! (and a different brand).
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  209. I would definitely get more cables for my US 6 tips, and possibly some tips and cables for US 5 and 7. And the cable needles look intriguing!

  210. Jacquie White

    I have heard so much about Signature needles, and really would love their stiletto tips. I would get a set of interchangeable ones and then maybe some additional storage for my other needles. I’m a sucker for a nice bag!

  211. I can’t get the survery raffle to work either .
    A $250 gift certificate would be an awesome. I have not yet tried any Signature Needles, so I would order a the set of the convertible circular needles. And if there was anything left over I would get a case to carry them in.

  212. Georgia Sylvester

    I have been on this website numerous times. ..just dreaming..

    I figured it would cost over $1000.00 to get everything…
    And I want it all. I decided to buy one set a month until I had everthing…to win this giveaway would be another dream come true….

  213. Oh gosh, I would buy as many pairs of the circular needs as I could gobble up. I’ve coveted them forever!

  214. If I win, I would start with SPNs and circulars in sizes 6-10. I think I’ll have to pull together some extra funds to get all of the sizes, but it would be worth the effort.

  215. I would probably faint from excitement first and foremost… And then after I picked myself up off the floor, I would work on getting circulars… As many as I could!

  216. I would buy those tiny circulars used for knitting gloves and socks. I would get a complete set of circulars and some double points, and maybe one more convertible set! I’d like a really spectacular yarn bowl, as well.

  217. I have circs in sz 3/4/5, stilletto tip…love them!!! I would buy a few more sizes, or if /when they have the sz 1 fixed circs avaialbe I will be the first in line!!

  218. Since I have a complete set of fixed circs, I would purchase a few of the convertibles and maybe some accessories. I couldn’t get the link to work either.

  219. Dorothy Stevens

    I love the look of the Signature needles. My husband and I are fulltime rvers so space is a huge issue. I would love to use the gift certicate for a couple sets of the convertible circulars so I don’t have to carry so many different sets of single and double points.

  220. I would get convertible circulars in the sizes I use most & also smaller sox size needles 1-4 with 47″ cables to knit two at a time toe up sox, which I learned how to do from Liat’s great instructions

  221. Wow I could spend hours looking at their kits and would if I won. I am a huge fan of convertible needles so I’d need several of those as well!
    Thank you

  222. Deb Jonckheere

    What a great giveaway! I would definitively get some stiletto circular needles in the sizes I use most.

  223. I have used the Signature needles for several years and they are also my FAVORITES! I would love to have the entire set of circulars, along with a few more of the straight stiletto points. The cables are dependable and the needle feels wonderful in my hand.

  224. The link didn’t work for me, but I would use the gift certificate towards a set of Stilletto circular needles. A friend has a set that I’ve been covering for a year now. I am a beginning intermediate knitter but KnitFredom has helped me progress by leaps and bounds. I would love to take my knitting to the next level with these Signature needles.

  225. Rena Sue Rosenbalm

    I would LOVE to try Signature Circular Needles. I use circular needles for everything! I have gone to their website numerous times just to drool over their needles!
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  226. Joan Trautwein

    I would at least buy straight needles sizes 5 through 10 and 1 set of size 8 double point needles (I’d add the $1 needed.) I’ve been wanting these needles since I first saw them and more so after I’ve read how much Liat really likes them. What a great contest–thanks.

  227. I would love to try Signature Arts Needles. I would buy some stiletto circular needles in sizes 7-9 with them.

  228. I would love an assortment of single point stiletto bell capped needles. I have Lily Chin’s Reversible Cabled-Rib Shawl pattern and all the mohair/silk languishing, and I just can’t gear myself up for long repetitive knitting. SNA’s might just get me going, and keep me from setting it aside (again).

  229. I believe I would go for either circulars or double pointed with stiletto tips. My current needles and those I can purchase most anywhere else have very blunt tips which very often makes it difficult to do pattern work.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  230. Would love to have the $250 to put towards a set of convertible circulars! I’ve wanted to try Signature’s needles for ages, and this would be the perfect opportunity!

  231. Hi, I love the look of these needles and I would get the circular needle set and probably even more. I found your site and the Magic Loop cast on to try and knit my first pair of socks and now I have made 5 pairs. The last was knit 2 socks at a time. I am so glad I found your site and it would be great to win the raffle.

  232. I love the gift give away. Thank you. I would purchase a full set of the convertible circular needles. I have some straights for the company and I absolutely love them.

  233. I couldn’t get the survey to work, either. I would love to own a full set of the circulars as I have never gotten to experience these gorgeous needles! I use circs for everything and am addicted to lace knitting so the stiletto points are perfect! Thank you for this contest and I look forward to hearing who won :)

  234. I love well designed, expertly made tools whatever the job. You and Signature would receive little zings of blessings every time I picked up these beautiful needles. I would love a set of circulars and a pair of size 8 straights just to have those fancy knobs on the ends. Stiletto points of course. Thanks for making the dreaming possible.

  235. site would not let me enter comments for the $250 signature giveaway. I would be so excited if I was given the chance to purchase some circulars and straight needles!!!

  236. Like many others I have lusted after Signatures for some time, but being UK based have never managed to get my hands on them to see what all the hoo hah is about. The convertible circulars are the big draw for me, but I love those accessories too – would love a dinky set of needles plus ball of yarn – as well as the proper needles, of course!

  237. I think I’d get the single point needles, sizes 1-7 with stiletto profile, bell end caps, and 10″ length.

  238. They’re so beautiful! I would buy the set of double point needles, since that is something I don’t yet have. It would inspire me to take on new projects!

  239. Bobbie Kellogg

    I would put this money toward a set of circulars, and Possible some DPN’S.

    I would love to learn two at a time toe up socks, but do not own the needles to do this with, as we just had a fire, and I lost most of my needle collection. I have a few bamboo DPN’s left that I have been making washcloths with. Good luck to everyone.
    Wow, this is a great prize for one of us.

  240. Cheryl Shelton

    I have been wanting Signature Needles for a long time. I would get a set of circular needles and a couple of straight needles.

  241. Suzane Pinard

    If I won, I would definitely purchase a set of Signature needles. I have old knitting needles, but not in all the sizes. Some are plastic and some are warped. I would love to get a good set, especially the convertible needles.
    Thank you for the contest.

  242. I would use the gift certificate to complete my Signature Needle’s set. I love how they glide so smoothly while knitting.

  243. I would love to have some Signature Knitting Needles because they are the Royals Royce of Knitting Needles. Oh how I would enjoy knitting for my soon to be born first Great Grandson with these needles……..choose me please!!!

  244. Jenna Hendricks

    I would get a full set of circulars first of all. That would be a dream:) and then I would look into getting the circadian shawl kit. It looks sooooo beautiful! I’m on a shawl kick lately:) I would also want to get a pair of size 2 needles since they don’t come in the set… Gotta have something to do my socks with!

  245. Circulars – 5″ in length with 40″ cables. I would start with US size 3 as it is my go to for most of my projects. Magic loop for socks…the perfect length for hundreds of knitting projects. The possibilities for additions are endless!! Thanks for all you do sharing your knowledge.

  246. I wold love to get the DPNs- especially since I have been trying to find 4″ ones .
    These are beautiful with those special tips.

  247. I would love to even just own a pair of these gorgeous needles but they are almost impossible to get in the UK. If I won this gift voucher I would definitely go for a set of Circular needles as that is all I ever use these days. Thank you Liat for this great opportunity. x

  248. Barbara Osterberg

    Ooo love this site. I would definitely purchase the smaller lace size needles. They are especially nice w/ the sharp points; and they are so colorful, like gems. The sock blocker would be nice, since I do a lot of socks, the stitch markers and the lapel pins. Guess I need to win in order to afford these items. Dream on……;)

  249. Jocelyn Viernes

    I would love to buy a selection of interchangeables, esp the usual sizes that I use. And maybe a set of 2.25mm DPNs.

  250. Aurelia Crider

    If I won, I would love to use it on a SNA Convertible Circular Set of Needles.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  251. I’d buy the signature circular convertible set. Different colors for different sizes looks like a good idea to me.

  252. I’m not sure, I’ve never used these needles so I guess I would start with a couple different ones to try them out.

  253. Georgia Hardiman

    I have been knitting for more than 60 years and have not yet found the perfect needles! It seems as if my search will be over once I try the Signature circulars!

  254. Elaine Thompson

    I wasn’t able to get the comment section to work. I don’t even know what Rafflecopter is! :) I would love to have a set of the circulars with the stiletto points (unless you think one of the others is better). I would finish out with either some of the larger straights with a teardrop or bell top…Or (and I would leave this up to your judgement Liatt) some double points. I’ve never used double points before! It would be thrilling to win! Thank you!

  255. Allyson Kaiser

    I purchased a size #3 circular needle with several different cables awhile ago. I love, Love, LOVE the needle and the cable is wonderful! I don’t use a size 3 very often so I would order circular needles in sized 4 through 7 (with several cables for each) if I won the Signature Needle Art gift certificate. Keeping my fingers crossed!! ; )

    And I would for sure get a yarn bowl, too!

  256. Shirley Hooper

    Oh my, what a wonderful thing it would be to have a set of these fabulously beautiful circulars! Wow! I’m hungry with anticipation! Thank you so much for offering us this wonderful opportunity, Liat!!

  257. I’d love to try their circular needles! One of the gift sets, the circular zipper needle case, accessories. . .It’ll be tough to decide! Thanks so much Liat and Signature Needle Arts!

  258. I couldn’t get the widget to work so I will answer here:
    I would purchase a convertible set because I like to have different tips and cords.

  259. I have a pair of signature needles that I love love love and it would be amazing if I won!!! I would like to get the set of interchangeable needles!!!!

  260. Ann Donaldson

    If I was lucky enough to win this contest, I’d choose the set of circular convertible needles! They look like they would be lovely to work with and I’d have a wonderful collection of sizes! Think of the projects I could do;)

  261. I would love to win the $250.00. I would purchase an entire set of interchangeable Signature needles. I have purchased one size of interchangeable needles and love this needle. Thanks for the opportunity.

  262. If I won a 250 dollar gift certificate … I would use it towards a complete set of circulars … Signatures are a dream to knit with!!

  263. Without my Signature Needle Arts Circulars, I spend much of my knitting time under the table or chair looking for one of my needles. Signature Needle Arts Circulars Rule ! Must have some more. (And I can stay out from under the furniture ;0)

  264. Shannon McCoy

    I would get circular needles for magic loop! I’ve never had the pleasure of working with Signature needles before.

  265. Jennifer Troisi

    I have always wanted to a set of Signature circulars, so that’s how I would use the gift certificate. Thanks for all your wonderful videos; I have learned so much from you!

  266. Chris Crockett

    I would buy the set of Circulars! They look wonderful! Leftovers might go to accessories like the yarn bowls– beautiful!

  267. Oh my gosh, what isn’t there to love on Signature Needle Arts Site!!!! I for sure would purchase a circ set…. Been wanting to try them!

    Wish it would let me enter!

  268. What a wonderful giveaway! I can’t decide – I would apply the gift toward the Convertible Circular Set, or choose dpn’s in sizes for knitting socks.

  269. I’d add to my DPN collection and probably add a few more straights … I love my Signature needles above all others! And they’re pretty in my atelier, too. An added bonus!

  270. I’ve not looked at the signature needles before, but i’m impressed that I can choose needle point types and the length of the needle … so i’d buy my fav needle sizes with both tip types in short tips and the 20 and thirty two inch cables. love circs!

  271. Vivian Hamora

    If I miraculously won, after picking myself up off the floor I would definitely choose the Signature gift set and maybe size 9 stilettos

  272. I would buy a variety of DPN’s and circular needles. I have never used signature needles. But they look very interesting to me. I think I would also try a variety of needlepoints.

  273. One set of every size dps… I love to knit socks and going through tremendous stress right now due to my health… making socks for my family would be awesome with Signatures!

  274. Wow! Definitely would spend it on getting better knitting needles than what I have now. I have admired the knitting needles from the videos so often. My needles are on the cheap side since I had to stay on a tight budget. These would be a dream to knit on. LOL

  275. I would definitely get some circular needles. Love the sharp points. And I would treat myself to a yarn bowl!

  276. Rikki Donachie

    If I won I would buy my girlfriend a complete set of circulars as she loves knitting but never seems to have quite the right size.

  277. Signature needles are legendary, and I would be thrilled to own a set of those interchangeable circs. Thanks, Liat, for this opportunity!

  278. I would get the set oh all ten straight needles with stiletto points. I wouldn’t mind spending the extra money to get it.

  279. Mary-Alice Philman

    I would love, love, love the complete set of signature single point needles, size 1 – 10, with free fabric case, stilleto tip, and spiral cap. I’d use the gift certificate and kick in the difference. What an absolute treat this would be! I don’t think I’d ever stop knitting!

  280. Managed to submit an entry, but unable to answer the question. Also got an error message on my first attempt to leave a reply. Second attempt: I do not have any Signature needles and would love to try some of the circulars because of the light weight – likely 4.0mm or 4.5mm with different cable lengths. I’d also like to try some of the double points in 2.25mm or 2.5mm – I currently use bamboo in these smaller sizes but they are so delicate. Thanks Liam for your emails and courses – I am now a happy continental knitter thanks to you!

  281. Jennifer Hyer

    I would love to have a set of Signature Convertible Circulars. Just about anything on their site would be awesome to have.

  282. I am in desperate need of good sock blockers. The gift certificate to Signature Needle Arts would go a long way towards filling out my accessories & maybe even have enough left to to try some of that wonderful Panda Silk yarn on a project or 2. This is an opportunity that only a few ever get to experience. Good luck everyone, you are all Star Knitters.

  283. I would get the circulars because I use them the most! Beautiful needles. Thank you for the opportunity to win these!

  284. Sandra Hammons

    I would have to get some sock blockers – they would get a lot of use! Also a blocking cloth. Great looking needles!

  285. I would finally get to get the needles I dream of and then I would not have to just dream about them.!!!!


  286. This would be a Merry Christmas to me!!
    I have heard so many knitters brag on these needles….that a whole set with stiletto tips would just melt me!

  287. I have yet to try these needles, and yet to see and touch them in person. But, based on previous looks at their site, I would buy the stilleto circular interchangeable set.

  288. Georgianna Davis

    I am currently unable to purchase a set of signature knitting needles but would love to have a set for learning lace knitting and making christening outfits for charity. I tried the stiletto points at the wool and sheep festivieable recently and what a difference.

  289. If I win it would be so exciting because my birthday is the 13th and it would make an awesome present as I’m disabled and on a fixed income.

  290. I would add to my Signatures I already have! I love the stiletto tips, and my hands stopped hurting when I switched to these needles. I can’t wait for them to add circulars in sock sizes…I would add a few more double point size and I need additional cords for some of my circs I have now. To me these are the BEST needles I have knit with. I think they are so worth the little extra. I hope one day to have every size!

  291. I would get as many of the convertible circulars as possible. Probably, hit my savings up so that I could purchase the set!

  292. Donna Braamse

    This is such a generous giveaway!

    If I won, I’d get the Calypso kit and a couple sets of my favorite sizes of circular needles.

  293. I would love to replace some of my circulars with the Signature circulars. I find that I use the circulars for just about everything. Love the magic loop style of working two socks at once. Needles are like books for me, can’t just have a couple….need more. Thanks for the wonderful offer.

  294. I would put it towards buying a complete set of convertible circulars. I have so many rands of other needles and all I want to use is these!

  295. Irene Kellins

    Sock needles!! and then the convertible needles with what’s left. Thanks for having the draw. It gave me a reason to scope out the Signature site ;)

  296. Dare to DREAM of holding and working with Signature Needles. I would grace myself with an array of circulars in stiletto tips. WOW, watch out kids mama’s knitting now…..and add some luscious yarns, my wish of working with high quality needles and fibers would be a reality. DREAMING……………..

  297. Bernita Leadbetter

    I would definitely try out the new signature convertible circular needles. Circular needles are all I ever use now and it sure would be nice to be able to mix and match needles (or as they call them stalks) with cords.

  298. Charlynn Gimenez

    I love the Signature needles and have a few circ needles and a set of sock DPNs but I’ve been drooling over a complete set of circs and some larger sock DPNs. They are so sharp and comfortable to use… they are my go-to needles if they are free!

  299. Kathy Manning

    I would buy the complete set as I just have different sizes, different brands,from different stores for different patterns. I don’t want to be different!

  300. Virginia Harrison

    I hope it did it correctly and am really entered …….I would love to be able to complete my set of Stilletto circular needles. I love them!

  301. Since I don’t own any Signature needles (and they’ve been on my wish list for soooo long), I’m not sure! I’ve read the comments about the fabulous circular needles and they might by my choice!

  302. I can’t get the link to work. But I would buy more circular needles. I am new to knitting and really like the few I have.

  303. Marilyn Decker

    If I were lucky enough to win, I would certainly buy the Signature interchangeable circular needles.

  304. I would love to get a set of the signature circular needles and a set of number 5 DPN. My kids would tell me to buy myself a good storage case because what I am using now is just pathetic!!!

  305. Marti Guntren

    I would buy as many Signature circulars and double points as I could get for the money! I LOVE Signature needles!

  306. Sandy Herbener

    I have been dying to invest in a set of interchangeable circular needles; then I could have all those possibilities to knit all the things I have learned on Knitfreedom!!!

  307. If I win, I would absolutely go for the set of convertible circulars! They’re gorgeous and I’ve heard they are great to knit with!

  308. I would order all the stiletto needles that I do not currently have. I LOVE my Signature needles! I can’t use anything else!

  309. I would get an interchangeable circular set…I’ve been knitting for years with aluminum needles, and it would be a huge thrill to get to use really nice needles….either that, or the floating leaves scarf kit. :)

  310. I would definitely work on obtaining the entire Signature interchangeable circular needle set. These are definitely my “dream” knitting needles. Thank you for the give away!

  311. What a great contest. I want to replace all of my circulars as I have a cheaper set I purchased when I first started knitting with Liat. I would get as many circular convertables as possible. I have never used these needles, but they are beautiful!

  312. A set of circulars would be ideal – but had a hard time finding them in stock – so, I’d start with a size 5,6, or 7 circular and work my way to a full set.

  313. Cathy Clouston

    A few dpn sets, a few circular needles, a couple of straights. A little bit of everything! :)

  314. I love signature needles, too! I would buy the set of convertible circular needles. Circulars are all I use and I never seem to have enough.

  315. I would get the circular needle set with stiletto tips. These are luxury needles and so beautiful!

  316. If I won, I’d buy a few of each kind of needle to try — straight, circular and double points!
    The survey says I have 3 entries completed–hope it worked ok!

  317. <