Giveaway! Win a Copy of Fantastic Mosaics, Knitting Superstar, and 1-on-1 Time With Me

Today we have something super special for you to celebrate my upcoming video course Fantastic Mosaics - a giveaway!

Below, you can enter to win an amazing bundle of three prizes:

  1. A copy of my newest video course coming out March 28th, Fantastic Mosaics
  2. A copy of my Ultimate Knitting Course, Knitting Superstar
  3. A private, 20 minute 1-on-1 call with me, KnitFreedom founder Liat Gat

We will notify the winner via email on Saturday, March 28th by 6:30am PST.

You can enter in a bunch of ways, and with each entry, you get points that will add you to the giveaway again to increase your chances of winning. Plus, if you're already a newsletter subscriber or a follower on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, you'll receive some free entries on us. :)

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For another entry, in the comments below, answer the question "If you could easily do color knitting right now, what would you knit?"

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656 thoughts on “Giveaway! Win a Copy of Fantastic Mosaics, Knitting Superstar, and 1-on-1 Time With Me”

        1. Ginette Ritchie

          I am planning on making blankets, using left over wool. Each diamond will showcase a different mosaic pattern.

    1. I love Liat’s two at a time toe up sock pattern. If I were better at color knitting I would try it with socks.

    2. Betsy Hall Young

      I have a large colorful comfy cotton sweater that I were for several years before I was pregnant, during my pregnancy, and up until the end of this year. It has seen it’s better days and it is time to replace it with a new colorful comfy cotton sweater. I have never knit with more then one color at a time and I would love to learn. By the way my son is 27 years old and in the Air Force. The sweater has served me well.

  1. Ohh..if I could easily do color knitting, I’d probably do some really cute socks! I’ve just finished my first pair of socks after learning how to knit last fall! Exciting stuff!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  2. Ooh…
    My best friend is dye with her firstborn soon, so if I could knit colour work, it would probably be a blanket…

    Or maybe a cute cardigan :D

  3. I’d start out doing swatches in different yarns with what I had in my stash. That way I could try it with different weights. Then I’ve always wanted to do a vest to go with jeans and a t-shirt….

  4. Esther Hadassa

    I do knit with colours, but only in double knit. Would love to learn to knit neatly and knit a red-white or blue-white cardigan that is fitted.

  5. Shirley Finbow

    I would love to learn multicolored knitting so I could try knitting a sweater for my grand daughter. If I am successful, I then would try to fix the sweater I made my son which looks like it has a 3 D picture on it.

  6. I would make a mosaic baby blanket and a pair of socks. The baby blanket would be for my brother’s first child, but the socks would be for me :)

  7. Our knitting group is knitting scarfs for distribution at a local cancer fundraiser. I would knit a fab mosaic scarf. If only I knew how. The course would be a great learning tool

  8. A sweater in Nordic colors. It’s a lifetime goal to honor my heritage and something I promised my Father in 2011.

  9. I’d love to knit a couple of the beautiful mosaic shawls I’ve seen, but I just haven’t felt like I was ready to tackle that yet.

  10. I’m experimenting with scarf designs, so that is how I would integrate the mosaic design skills. Thanks for the opportunity! I admire your marketing skills. (the blogspot site is private just for interested knitters; a beginning to keep myself accountable for one long-haul of a project)

  11. What would I knit if I could knit in color???? Seriously??? The POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!! I think I would knit a hat first for practice and then several hats, then sweaters….then blankets…then THE WORLD!!! Ok, I’ll stick to actual items….maybe. ;)

  12. Devorah Shulman

    My first choice of what to knit with 2 colors would be a matching hat and scarf for mangy daughter. Then I would make something for my granddaughter, who I’m trying to teach how to knit. The challenge is time and the fact that she’s a leftie and I’m not. (Yes, I do knit continental).

  13. I would knit an afghan for my 90 year old mother in law who is always freezing!!…green and white because she loves her Irish!

  14. The Rams and Yowes pattern by Kate Davies. That has been on my wish list for ages and not only does it use colourwork – but also steeking – Two skills I definitely want to cultivate.

  15. Tammie Stephens

    I would love to knit an AWESOME color-worked hat with matching mittens. I wouldn’t want them to be matchy-matchy… But just really compliment each other.

  16. I would love to learn this technique to make a cowl scarf for myself and headbands for my twin granddaughters.

  17. Everything is better with colour. I’d knit socks, gloves, hats, baby items, and I’ve really had the itch to make myself some new tops.

  18. I really want to get better at Fair Isle knitting. I made a hat for my niece and it looks pretty good, but I want to learn how to knit FI with more than just 2 colors.

    Love the blog!

  19. I’m really into scarves right now. They are fast and really add to my working wardrobe. So I would start with scarves.

  20. I’d most likely start with a hat. I’m doing a lot of the hats for Purple Crying and like to try out techniques on them

  21. I’d knit a Swedish North Halland sweater for my husband! But I need to get straight on how to carry the colors – I know there is a dominant color and if I don’t carry it correctly, the design won’t “pop” like I want. Thanks for your tips. Love your blog.

  22. I would probably knit something simple, like a scarf or dishcloth.
    I am a newbie knitter…if I get discouraged it becomes a UFO!!

  23. Martha Johnson

    I would like to create something very special for my new granddaughter that could become an heirloom.

  24. I recently purchased a kit at an event several of the local yarn shops in my area hosted. The pattern is of a shawl with color work in it, so I’m really wanting to learn how to do color work. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  25. I would use my new skills of mosaic knitting to add colorful details to children’s sweaters knitted for distribution by World Vision. They have a fantastic program called Knit for Kids!

  26. If I could knit colorwork right now I would knit a Fair Isle version of a headband. I made this dorky design of the Game of Thrones direwolves (I’m a Stark) and it looks like those ski sweater headbands. Silly and dorky but my first attempt at colorwork.

  27. If I could easily do color knitting, I have a whole LIST of stranded projects I’d like to try. Of the mosaic patterns, I’d love to tackle those in Barbara Walker’s treasury and also Paula Levy’s Mosaic shawl.

  28. Liat, I enjoyed following along with your basic mosaic blog directions. I’ve been intending to do something in a mosaic stitch for ages but the waiting projects have held me up. However, I have one waiting project that mosaic would be perfect for — I’ve been making dish towels for my niece since before her wedding and thought about making some in mosaic style. I even have the yarn already; all I have to do is get the urgent knitting queue out of the way :)

  29. I would probably knit the Mosaic Cowl by liZKnits or the Hashtag Sochi cowl by Stitchnerd Designs, both in Ravelry.

  30. Barbara Vaccaro

    Fingerless gloves are a great way to use up scraps of sock yarn. Doing a mosaic pattern would use even smaller leftovers.

  31. Since my GF and I are trying to have baby I would be knitting a beautiful mosaic baby blanket! And maybe a nice multicolored scarf for my beautiful partner!

  32. Kirsten Decoster

    I would make my daughter (she’s 10) a new bag for gym class. She saw a crocheted bag with all different kinds of motives, and she really liked that.

  33. I would knit another handbag. I made several felted handbags using your fair isle course. I would like to make an unfelted bag using this technique.

  34. My Mother passed away last October and left quite a bit of yarn for me. I would like to make something really special like a blanket and give to one of her great great grandchildren. She loved to crochet and gave everything she made to people she cared for. I am trying to carry on the tradition with a few exceptions. I love the color work and can’t wait to try it.

  35. I would make beautiful pillow covers for the living room couch…. I always give away my knitting, it’s time to keep something for myself!

  36. I have two friends having babies, the first one is having a girl, the other one – a boy. I think they would love to have blankets for their babies. Also, a cowl scarf would look good and interesting. I never tried color work before, but this technique looks easy and exiting. Thank you, Liat!

  37. Easy! Peasy! My 9-year old grandson loves when I make something for him. And, his answer to the question was easy — and a way to “parent” me! He said I should make him a pair of argyle socks — because we all know that learning new skills is for everyone, children and adults. I’m ready! I have been knitting since I was four, and I will be 68 this June, and there’s always something new to learn.

    1. i love argyle! and i love learning new things! so, to follow your logic — if you’ve been knitting since the age of four, and your grandson is now nine; then, your grandson should have been knitting for five years now. am i right? i sure hope so.

  38. If I knew how to do knit color work I would knit myself a hat and maybe a coordinating one for my 5 year old!

  39. Wow, if I could easily do colorwork already…the doors would be WIDE OPEN. There are so many projects I have faved on Ravelry for the day when I actually CAN do colorwork well! Now, my hands get all tangled up trying to manage two colors, and it is so tedious that I simply don’t do it.

  40. I would try a sweater with some mosaic stitches in it to liven it up. I did a couple of scarves with all mosaic stitching a couple of Christmas’ ago and they were stunning.

  41. Deborah Bancroft

    I would definitely do a purse that I have a pattern for that I have been itching to make. Thanks for all that you provide to us!

  42. I make lots of hats for charity, and have lots of smaller amounts of yarn. Some color work hats would use up those smaller bits of yarn.

  43. Mary-Alice Philman

    If I could do colorwork, I would most definitely knit a colorwork pullover with coordinating hat, scarf, and finger mitts! The doors this would open up for creativity!

  44. I would definitely knit a baby blanket for my new grandson due in August. And of course, a new “big boy” blanket for his 2 year old big brother!

  45. I would definitely knit an afghan, why not, go big or go home I always say. I have the perfect colors to do too. Got any great patterns? or tips? Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. Socks, a prayer shawl and a baby sweater.
    I would be interested in creating a mosaic pattern that mimics alligator skin for the socks. I have a sick friend in the Everglades who loves gators and hand knit socks.
    A pattern in warm colors for someone recently widowed to make a prayer shawl that feels like a warm hug whenever she misses her husband.
    A baby sweater for a co-worker who is due in October. A warm, cozy and cheerful pattern that reflects her personality as a mother.
    Thank you for the opportunity to learn more.

  47. I’m a geek – I’ve got two hats on my list once I can do colorwork – a Captain America hat, and a Boba Fett hat…

  48. Maggie (lindabench)

    If I could do a 2 color knitting project it certainly would be a keepsake afghan for my granddaughter to have and treasure ……

  49. Letty Phillips

    I’d make a pair of ‘goldfish mittens’ for my granddaughter. I tried to make some for her for Christmas, but hadn’t yet learned how to control the yarn for colorwork – so the pattern has stayed on my to-do list.

  50. I start with a hat to get comfortable with the technique, then I’d dive right in and do a sweater because I’ve got someone locally who loves colorwork and could help me.

  51. I love making cowls, smoke rings, and fingerless mitts. They’re certainly lovely with one color, but I often want to make them more colorful. Mosaic knitting sounds like a great way to make that happen!

  52. I know how to Crochet, and am now learning how to knit. I do not go on Facebook , Pinterest, and I don’t even know what Twitter is. Too answer your question, I would just make something small too start with, like a face cloth or coffee mug warmer. I love all your tips.

  53. Color work socks! Toe up, two at a time, magic loop. Liat has a great course on this technique. It’s the only way I make them now.

  54. I would love to do a pillow first, then something larger. It is so cool looking. Thanks for the chance to win!

  55. I have wanted to try knitting fair isle… this might be an easy way to try my hand at 2 colour knitting before I try the fair isle… I think I will start with the dish cloth. thanks

  56. Melinda Torres

    I’ve only done stripes before, so I would probably try a pillow cover, unique looking bath mat, sweater. Get out of my comfort zone and try the sweater

  57. Wow, the choices are endless! But, I am going to say I would knit a shawl. I have not knit one before and I love shawls and want to make one! Hope I win!!

  58. I would knit a hat for my dear husband and then hats for my kids, parents, etc. and socks and sweaters and so many more things!

  59. I would knit a lovely, cosy, mosaic cushion cover to place on my new knitting chair, situated right next to the fire – just right for those cold wintry evenings. Bliss!

  60. I have my 13th grandbaby coming in September. If I know how to knit this way, I would make a sweater, hat, booties, and blankets for the little one.

  61. Tambra Archibald

    Hi Liat! I have some amazing yarn in my stash that has been whispering to me every time I walk in the room. I haven’t been able to decide exactly what to do with it until now. My first mosaic project will be dish cloths for all of my girl friends! I love to share my knitting projects with others : )

  62. My youngest grandson adores the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I would love to do a sweater with a turtle shell pattern on the back; and a blanket for him to wrap up in for a nap :-) Have been trying to figure out how to do a modified balaclava to imitate his favorite one. However, we live in Atlanta and spring has most certainly sprung! Next year he may be back to Captain America!

  63. Joyce Goldsmith

    I would knit a sweater or socks. I’ve already dabbled in Fair Isle (made 3 hats) and made a mosaic swatch about 6 months ago. Love me some color work!

  64. First the hat for our first grandson, then his mom needs a nursing cover with style, grandma want to make a new shawl to send to a mom of five, travel scarf for the fall trip oh all those knit and purls will make someone happy.

  65. I would mosaic knit a blankie for my first grandchild (Due October 30, so I have time!) in Australia (I’m in Canada)

  66. i think that i would knit a Blackwork sampler blankie to snuggle up with in the heavily air-conditioned summer here in hot hot hot Florida ;)

  67. I’d love to make a vest for my husband, he’s been wanting one for awhile. Then I’d make a cape for myself and maybe a pair of socks. This would be tons of fun and perfect for my charity knitting for kids.

  68. If I knew how to do color knitting, I would make a vest using Fair Isle pattern with pastel colored yarn and an off-white main color……not that I have thought about this or anything. :)

    I would really like to win this contest.

  69. I am a new knitter who would love to knit anything with multiple colors…scarf, shawl, hat. Just need to learn :))

  70. I’d do socks! I have Lacey ones but would love to have socks in color combinations of MY choosing. Also some decorative pillows, oh, there’s no end to the beautiful things I would make!

  71. Annette Elwood

    I would knit a short sleeved, scoop neck sweater with rainbow colors on black… like the one my mother knit for me while I was in high school. At some point in my 20’s it didn’t make the cut to be moved, and was donated. I later realized how much time and love went into that sweater. It was the only “fancy” color pattern she ever knit.

  72. I would love to be able to knit fair isle everything. Hats, sweaters, gloves/mitts, and socks. I absolutely love the look of the designs and colorwork, fair isle it just looks so classic and timeless yet you can use any color you want to give a more modern twist.

  73. I’d knit a reverse-color mosaic knitted mug rug to join the one I knit a couple weeks ago for a Bay Lakes Knitting Guild monthly challenge. I loved making the first one but I didn’t know what I was doing was mosaic knitting. It was fun and easy.

  74. I would love to knit a cardigan with vertical stripes kind of like the sweaters from the 50s.
    PS. Your videos are the best knitting videos on line by far. Thank you!

  75. I’m moving next week, and looking for decorating ideas. I loved the bargello pillow covers in the newsletter yesterday and I have a ton of KnitPicks Palette in neutral colors that I can use. I can’t wait to get started!

    I just started with traditional color work before the holidays, and I love how it looks. The chance to do more in an easier way is so exciting!!!

  76. Jaia Fullwiley

    I would knit an Exploding TARDIS sweater with bell sleeves and a blooming rainbow lotus blossom in the center.

  77. I’m working on blanket squares and washcloths and coasters so I’d really like to get your video to learn slip stitch knitting so I can make them, thanks Liat!

  78. I would knit up a coordinated set of Christmas Stockings for my family – 4 of us…and maybe a small one for the kitty.

  79. As I am already knitting a shawl for my new grandchild, using Shetland Isle cobwebs yarn (truly a labour of love!) I would treat my two cats to something warm and cosy.

  80. Ellen Rosewall

    I would love to make one of those pairs of mittens that has a pattern that is visible when you hold the mittens together.

  81. If I could do easily do color work, I would expand beyond stranded hats, and make adorable stranded yoked sweaters for my grandkids for next Christmas. And I would like to learn how to do intarsia bettter, without holes.

  82. Marcia Working

    If I could do mosaic knitting right now, I would find a pattern for a spring top and use lots of bright colors!

  83. For me it would be a lightweight top suitable for Spring and maybe Summer; one with a super cute pattern to it.

  84. Since I live where it is cool, I would knit a cowl…or two. I am excited about the mosaic knitting since I haven’t done any colorwork. This looks doable!

  85. I decided I would like to do some tea cozies for Christmas presents this year, so using the Mosaic technique would be fun. I have done some kitchen cloths and it’s very rewarding to get such a fantastic outcome with a method that is easy but I would like to learn more about it. Thanks for all your great ideas!

  86. Joan Trautwein

    I’d knit a toddler sized warm, winter sweater for my granddaughter in medium teal and white. This is a lot of fun to knit and the results look impressive. I’m trying to figure a way to incorporate this into the shawl that I’m knitting for myself, that’s plain stockinette and increases by 4 stitches from the top down. Thanks for this contest and your oh so clear instructions.

  87. Diane Augsburger

    Thanks for this great giveaway offer! I would do color work in a beret, lt. teal, white, and gray. Frankly, I’m really tired of knitting solid and variegated…I’m so ready to learn how to do color work! I also figure it may give me less trouble than complicated patterns….LOL. Although ti won’t help the stash problem!

  88. I would knit a a Fair Isle sweater, Rose & Cross Pullover by Kristin Spurkland in “My Grandmother’s Knitting”

  89. Veronica hobbs

    I’m trying to make leg warmers to cover my leg braces so I can wear shorts in the summer without being stared at.

  90. If I knew how todo mosaic knitting I wouldmake some gorgeous socks. I love knitting socks. Thanks Liat for your sock tutorial, I’m knitting two socks toe up with the magic loop. So easy!

  91. I would love to do a fair isle sweater. Or a Nordic sweater. Or socks. The possibilities are endless, I want to do it all! :)

  92. Carolyn Somerville

    I would definitely knit a sweater. Thanks for your lovely website Liat – you’re always so helpful!

  93. Elation Relation

    I would knit several things, such as a cardi, wristers for my daughter, a lined knitting tote, and French press and teapot cozies. :)

  94. I love mosaic knitting – I want a pattern for a long narrow shawl with a nice complex set of mosaic motifs. All the patterns I find are for very deep triangles which I don’t find wear well. I would even put together motifs myself if I understood better how to chart for mosaic patterns with increases for a crescent or shallow triangle.

  95. I would either make myself a short sleeved spring sweater, or if I got good at it, a spring dress for year old granddaughter

  96. Barbara LeBlanc

    I would knit some really colorful fingerless mitts, a beautiful vibrant cowl, and some fabulous gift washcloths for my friends.

  97. I would knit a cowl. I can knit pretty well as a thrower, I need to learn how to use my left hand to carry yarn.

  98. I would knit a drop-dead gorgeous hat for my daughter because she’s still getting snow and needs something to cheer her up.

  99. I’ve been wanting to do something like a fair isle sweater or vest for a LONG time, but I don’t have enough confidence.

  100. I love the beautiful shawl in the blog. I would knit it, if I where good at mosaic knitting. I have learned so much from you.
    Thank you!

  101. Barbara Osterberg

    Socks w colorful flowers. Then give them all away. I would knit so fast because I’ll be practicing your continental stitch, which is such a blessing for these old hands.

  102. While the possibilities are endless, I love to create for people or places as a reflection of them. I am envisioning my learning curve beginning with a table runner in spring colors and sock weight yarn and am looking forward to a fall sweater/coat with a black base and primary colored variegated yarn as a contrast.

  103. A lovely fair isle sweater. Or a gorgeous mosaic shawl. Or some fun fair isle mittens. Possibly colorwork socks. Conflicted am I!

  104. Something near and dear to my heart. My mother-in-law passed away a few months ago. She was a very special person. When my daughter, now 29 years old, was born, her grandmother knitted her a large Christmas stocking. My daughter was born on December 15th. We traveled to see them for Christmas and it was the first time I had met my husband’s family. We were both in the Air Force. Anyway, my daughter still has her stocking. There were pictures taken of her IN her stocking that Christmas! too cute
    I would so love to be able to recreate her stocking for her daughter. My granddaughter is now 16 months old. I don’t have the pattern that was used for my daughter’s stocking but I am sure if I knew how to do colorwork and could learn to knit more advanced things, I could do it. Thanks

  105. Stripes would be grand in a dress or sweater for my toddler granddaughter. I would also knit striped hats and scarves for my teen grandkids but the most desired technique would be to put Fair Isle designs into clothing knits for all of the wonderful young people.

  106. I have a 2 week old grandson. I would love to learn to knit for, I would love to present him with a baby set. A Blanket, Booties, a hat, and possibly even a cardigan. I would love to try this stitch with all of those things. I have a long way to go before I’ll be ready to tackle more than just the blanket and hat, but I hope I’ll get there some day.

  107. Marilyn Rayner

    I would knit a matching set of fingerless mitts, scarf, toque and a cowl for one of my staff at work! Love your videos Liat!

  108. I’m teaching myself continental knitting using your videos. I think it will increase my knitting speed, and by knitting more quickly I can get more done!

  109. OH.. so many thoughts! I’d start with a face cloth and then I would do a wide cowl out of a soft yarn… then if I knew how to do the fingerless mitts (which I have a pattern for, but don’t know how to start on DPN’s :\ ) I would definitely do mitts !

  110. how to use mosaic knitting…let me count the ways… I have a new daughter-in-law that is interested in learning a craft….grandsons that grows like weeds…..a husband with less and less hair…. old fingers that get stiff and cold….a fashion sense that calls for something new….the zen of learning something new….the list goes on.

  111. I would first make some of the dishcloths, then I would like to try some socks. Next would be a vest, then a cool shawl. Then, hmmm, then I would probably stop to eat something, lol.

  112. So many choices!! Almost all my knitting is for others, so I think for once I’d want to make a sweater for myself.

  113. Minnetta Benscoter

    If I could knit with colors I would make fantastic hats ( I have already started this project, no double color) for the homeless. It would be awesome to share a gift like that, to people who are too often forgotten.

  114. I probably would pick a very simple pattern because this is a technique that has intimidated me, and I would want to start with something uncomplicated! I am interested in learning this, and your videos are always clear and easy to follow along. thanks

  115. I have had the Endpaper Hat and Mitts in my Ravelry queue for years, but I haven’t felt up to tackling it. That’s definitely where I’d start!

  116. Our family is awaiting the arrival of its newest baby, so I would be making a baby item- probably a sweater in cotton for indoor wear or as an outdoor layer.
    And since both the new mom-to-be and new dad-to-be are wonderful yarn workers, I’d like it to be extra special.

  117. My first color project would be a knit hat, for sure. Then, I’d love to learnhow to make a colirful pair of two at a time socks in a beautiful assortment ofcolorful washable wools!

    1. My first color project would be a knit hat, for sure. Then, I’d love to learn how to make a colorful pair of two at a time socks in a beautiful assortment of colorful washable wools!

  118. Ruth VanDam-Hinds

    If I could do color knitting, I think an argyle sweater for my 2 yo grandson and a birds and flowers sweater for my 4 yo granddaughter. To start out, though, I’d probably learn on a scarf or hat, learn the technique, perhaps donate some hats to cancer patients an maybe make an afghan.

  119. Ruth VanDam-Hinds

    I would love to learn color knitting. I’d probably practice on a scarf or hat first to practice. Then I might make things for children with cancer and/or sweaters for my grand-babies — argyle for my 2 yo grandson and birds and flowers for my 4yo granddaughter.

  120. Does it disqualify me to answer, honestly, that I’m presently working on a self-designed mosaic baby blanket for a new grandchild due in the fall?
    I love colorwork and especially enjoy the texture of garter mosaic for blankets. So your blog really inspired me to get going on this project.
    And…no matter how much experience I may have (or not) in a given area, I always benefit from reading your blog for information, inspiration and fresh perspective!

  121. I’ve always loved Alice Starmoore (did I spell that right?) so I’d knit one of her sweaters. So that would mean facing my fear of steeks too. I’ve knit a coffee cozy that was steeked, but the fear is still there. Best way to deal with a fear it to look it in the eye full on and don’t back down. I’m ready!!!

  122. Ohhhh I would knit a beautiful shawl or a pair of eye catching socks…so many possibilities! I’ve only been knitting for about a year now and absolutely love it. It’s been my life saver as I’ve been off work for medical reasons for over 7 months now. I know this may sound crazy but being able to knit gives me a purpose and something to focus on that is positive. It gives me joy and a sense of accomplishment. :)

  123. Bernadette Crumb

    I’d make a pair of Latvian style mittens for my Darling Man to keep his hands warm when he’s working in the cooler at work. I just love the designs and repeats and colors of the traditional mittens, and am attracted to the challenge of using such small needles to make such intricate patterns for someone I love very much.

  124. An enchanted, magical healing blanket that nourishes, makes one feel loved, clears our tunnel vision and takes away all the pain.

  125. Seeing a snow snake got me when I was skiing and broke both tibia and fibula I have lots of time to knit because I can’t weight bare. So I would knit a baby blankie for a friend or fingerless gloves.

  126. I would love to knit a spring shawl. I am just getting the hang of knitting. Just an advanced beginner venturing out to learn more. lol My husband had a heart attack and started Cardiac rehab exercises at our local hospital where the sweetest lady who also sits and waits for her husband to finish his exercises, taught me to knit. I have always wanted to learn, but only crocheted for many years. I just could not get the feel for two needles. I really love it now, but learning slowly. I have only done some small projects like washcloths, dish towels, baby blanket, and scarfs. Getting the newsletter from Liat with the knitting videos have been a huge help in learning more. Thanks for all that you do to help others learn how to knit! Fantastic! Much love, Dorothy

  127. I’d make a pillow cover so I could leave it out for “admiration” even when we hit 3-digit days here in Tucson.

  128. I would probably try a scarf or cowl first, then a vest and eventually an afghan. I have made striped afghans before but mosaic knitting would really take it up a notch and enable me to make the whole thing at one go on a round needle without any seams!

  129. Barbara Mathews

    I would like to knit a sweater and then steek the front; adding some beautiful buttons. I have never steeked before. I am not afraid of cutting my knitted fabric, but would like someone who has done it standing at my elbow while I do it (even digitally would be welcomed.)

  130. For some time, I have been collecting cottons in “Amish” color: black, pink ,turquoise, green, etc. Since I have stopped that, it is time to begin making a spring/summer blanket with it but what? I dunno. Or maybe some comfy tops for the warmer weather. Just yesterday, I learned the mosaic thing here and am finishing a hat with a couple rows of it. Now I’m thinking maybe black and other colors in stripes and go ahead with the blanket with the mosaic designs.

  131. Bernadette Crumb

    FYI, I keep getting error messages from twitter, accusing me of trying to send an automated tweet and not letting me share the give away link. I’ll keep trying but it’s very frustrating!

  132. Patricia Gammeter

    Definitely a blanket – I have just finished a blanket using thrums (painstakingly slow, but the result is great!) and I have bundles of yarn ready for the next 4 blankets – just not sure what pattern to use. I think mosaic knitting would be a wonderful technique, especially to play around with colours.
    Thanks Liat, for unlocking mosaic knitting!

  133. I have a three year old great granddaughter slightly autistic who has trouble tolerating clothing. She likes small blankets so I knit those for her. She loves anything orange. Wouldn’t that be a really great gift for her!!!!

  134. I would make a shawl in a lightweight yarn since I live in the Sunshine State. Don’t have much use for sweaters here.

  135. I think I would knit a little book bag each for my 2 year old great twin nieces, in different colour schemes. Thank you for the chance of becoming a possible winner. K.N.I.T.

  136. SarahJane Morrone

    MITTENS!!!!! And then maybe a cowl but the mittens are something I have always wished I could do (fair isle). ;)

  137. I would knit a bunch of my leftover yarns to see how the colors go together then pick a good one to knit a throw for a veteran in the VA hospital.

  138. After working for several years on projects for the women in my life, I’d like to knit a wonderfully ambitious masculine coat just for me! Kaffe Fasset has been my inspiration for decades now, but I would NEVER even begin to attempt any of his simplest pieces without the knowledge and courage I’ve gained through your great tutorials.
    Imagine 2 contrasting Knoro-like yarns undulating in waves of muted forest and mountain shades as they play between themselves from shoulder to hem and even into the pockets!
    THAT’S my bucket-list project, and one I’d jump at to make if indeed I could work mosaics right now!

  139. I would knit 3 or 4 kitchen towels. I am trying to get started on my Christmas gifts early this year. The yarn and books would be ever so helpful.

  140. Mary Lou Woods

    probably something really beautiful for spring, we are so wanting spring to here in New Enland, maybe shades of blue/touqoise shawl or cowl, something light and airy

  141. Hmmmm, lemme see! Probably the first thing, the very first would be pillow covers, then mitts, hats and a vest. I have a great sweater pattern that has been begging to to be re done adding my own creation of color and pattern.

  142. PamiE in Olalla

    If I could easily do color knitting right now, I would knit a cardigan for myself. Thank you for your opportunity for this great bunch of gifts. I hope whoever wins is greatly blessed and encouraged by them!

  143. I am new to knitting, but I would love to use this technique to make a baby sweater for a great nephew that will be born in May. Love your newsletter and all the great info, very inspiring.

  144. I am CRAZY in love with KNITTED FELTED TOTE BAGS!! A mosaic would be my dream come true. Fingers are crossed. Good luck everyone. We are all winners, no matter what just by being part of this group!

  145. I knit COCOONS & matching caps for preemies in hospitals. Moasaic cocoons you say? Sure, let’s start them off with their first fashionista piece!!

  146. Fran L'Heureux

    I’d love to learn how to knit some beautiful lace multi-color lace shawls for breast, or any type of cancer patients, so many given typical pink shawls, people see a pink shawl and automatically think cancer, where many women don’t want to advertise they don’t have this disease, so I’d like to put my own spin on healing/prayer shawls. I have more than 5 friends who have or have had one type of cancer or another, one of my friends is going through her 4th bout of this dreadful disease.

  147. Started knitting 2 months ago and thanks to your Superstar course- I can proudly call myself SUPER LINDA. Knitting saved me. Many, many thanks Liat! My next project (for me this time) is a mosaic knitted/felted rug.

  148. I would do a pair of mittens!
    Im actually juggling a few color work projects right now. My goal is to finish these before starting more. I’ve got a nutty little habit of having about 5 different projects going at the same time. Soon as I finish one, I have to cast on another. (4 hats, one cowl).
    I so look forward to learning more about knitting. Once these are done, I want to try sweaters and socks.

  149. I would love to make a sweater with a multitude of colors. I only knit plain or cables I have done a couple of intarsia knits that turned out okay but I would love to improve on all scales.

  150. I would knit a quick, summer shawl for my 68-year young friend, whom I just learned has third-stage, ovarian cancer (a website states the survival rate at this stage is about 40% to 60%). She is single, has no kids, has lots of doggies and kitties, has lots of friends, and is just one of the nicest people I have ever known. She was volunteering for the local Independent Living Alliance until she was diagnosed and began the cancer treatment.
    Now, I think I should find a quick, summer shawl to knit anyway. If anyone cares to suggest a natural yarn and pattern, please do so. I will also check Ravelry for such a shawl.

  151. I’d love to take my colour knitting up to the next level by learning how to do steeks.

    I’m like almost everyone else in that I’d be terrified of cutting into my knitted fabric that took hours to knit up!

    Love your videos!

  152. I have three pregnant nieces, two due in May, one in September. Baby blankets are needed! Colorful mosaic patterns would be amazing!

  153. I would like to try mosaic knitting on a hat or socks. These are my favorite projects so far. I am fairly new to knitting. I have really enjoyed knitting socks.

  154. If I could do color knitting right now, I would work on a Fairisle cardigan that I have had in my stash for at least 4 years. I even have the yarn already!
    I would also try a mosaic dishcloth to practice before trying mosaic socks.
    Thanks for the contest opportunity!

  155. Normally i would have said blankets, but, from what i hesr this would be great for socks, and im just really getting into the swing of making socks so i would love to branch out like this

  156. I love Fair Isle with intricate patterns. I’ve seen some projects on Ravelry that are super-fantastic but beyond my ability. Furthermore, I have some gorgeous wool I bought in Iceland to make lopapeysas. There’s always hope!

  157. I was just thinking today that I have some wool yarn for felting in a lot of colors – I could use black as the main color and rainbow the other colors in, make a purse and felt it.

  158. I would do tons of dishcloths, I love making them. It’s what I do when I’m tired but still want to knit, my mindless knitting

  159. I’d love to be able to make a Fair Isle sweater, but right now I can’t even manage to use two colors! ;-)

  160. Nancy Spangler

    My first choice in knitting is nearly always a sweater. But I think in this case it would be a pair of fingerless mitts! Maybe even a matching cowl…..

  161. I would make a sweater and hat or scarf for the Alaska cruise my husband and I are going on in May.It is the knitting one so the garments would have to be done really well.So many people on the trip would notice if they were knitted wrong or sloppy. I have never had the courage to wear anything I have made to classes or stitches like some people do. I am not really a beginner any longer.Maybe confidence will come with more classes?

  162. Tracy Tompkins

    SOCKS! I’ve been placed on TEAM MOSAIC for Sock Madness 9 and I’ve never done mosaic knitting. :-)

  163. I would face my fear and rise to the challenge and knit a summer sweater, something bright and lightweight, lacy that would require a camisole or tank-top underneath. I have never done that, but it would be fun and what better way to stretch myself and my abilities? Thank you for your challenge and your offers!

  164. Kaffe Faucett’s Foolih Virgins Scarf! Or anything you suggest, you are so awesome BTW. I’ve been knitting for years but because of your courses I have purchased and your videos, I am a far better knitter than I was! Thank you, Liat! You are to the knitting world what Ramsey, Lagasse, and Oliver are to the food world. I appreciate you!

  165. A cowl. It’s a smaller, less stress project, but big enough to show off your success at this new skill!

  166. I would like to knit mittens in double knit with 2 colors. mittens are warmer than gloves. I already know how to double knit with 1 color

  167. I would make a baby blanket for my niece/god daughter’s first baby due in July. Or I would knit a cowl or scarf. It looks so amazing and fun to do I may do a lot more things.