How To Avoid Tangling Yarn On 2@aTime Socks

A tangled mess of yarn
With practice, tangling CAN be avoided...

You've just learned the awesome technique of knitting two-at-a-time. Congratulations!

But now you've got a tangled mess of yarn wrapped around your cable needles and hopelessly fused in your knitting bag.

That's okay! This video shows you how to prevent your yarn from EVER tangling again.

Remember, knitting two-at-a-time is supposed to be better and easier than any other method of knitting socks. And it is - I'll show you.

So: here's how to keep your balls of yarn from tangling when knitting 2-at-a-time:

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KnitFreedom | Two-at-a-Time | Troubleshooting - Avoid Tangles When Knitting Two-at-a-Time

The trick is to keep one strand of yarn to the front and the other to the back.

Make sure you place your balls of yarn on either side of you. The key moment for keeping the yarns from tangling is during "the switch."

Good work! Now you can knit two socks at a time without even breaking a (mental) sweat. Enjoy your newfound yarn serenity.

If you like this video tutorial on how to avoid tangling yarn when knitting 2 at a time, let me know by leaving a comment!

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7 thoughts on “How To Avoid Tangling Yarn On 2@aTime Socks”

  1. I will share how I kept my yarn straight. I found a basket just big enough for the 2 balls of yarn. It had a stationary handle. I put the balls of yarn in and when I started, I pulled each yarn from different sides of the handle. When I get to the place where I turn around, I just flip the basket around. It worked great!!

  2. My sweater project has stripes. That’s 2 balls for each sleeve. I put both balls for sleave A in one zip top bag closing the bag in the center but not the corners. I put the balls for sleeve B in another zip top bag also closing just the center to separate the two colors. This helps a great deal during”the switch”!
    Thank you Liat for your wonderful videos!!!!

  3. I’m glad I found this, I’ve been moving one ball from side to side to avoid getting tangled. But, that just felt like too many steps. Move ball, get next article knit-ready, pull from ball, knit one article, move ball…etc, etc, etc….too many movements. And, goodness knows I’m going to drop one..and then it’s rolling across the floor and quickly transforms itself into a new cat toy…argh.
    I’m not doing that anymore! Some practice with switching the working yarn from front to back of the work and now I’ve got it and it’s no longer tangled up. But, now I have a disapointed cat…oh well, he’ll get over it.

  4. So if you wind your ball of yarn into a center pull ball using a nostepinne can you do two socks at one time, using each end? ie one from the center and one from the outside? I have used both ends at once while doubling yarn for a pattern so I wondered if it would work for magic loop?

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