Interview on KUTV2 News This Morning

It's happened again! The Magical Garter-Stitch Scarf appeared, in its super-bulky form, draped around the neck of the lovely KUTV 2News This Morning anchor Mary Nickles.

"Are You An Amazing Knitter?" Screenshot of Liat Gat's KUTV Appearance

ARE YOU AN AMAZING KNITTER? How I love to see those words splashed across the TV screen. I love it because it really gets the point across that knitting is worth being amazing at, and that you can do it!

I showed Mary how to knit on size 35 needles, and she had a lot of fun with it.

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Liat Gat KNITFreedom KUTV2 Interview

Actually, now that I take a close look at this screenshot, I see that this is a Magical Meeting of the Garter-Stitch Scarves! I am shown here wearing the original Magical Misti Alpaca Scarf. Watch out, boys!

Photo of Liat Gat wearing Super-bulky Garter Stitch Scarf for KUTV

Mary's Bulky Italian Garter-Stitch Scarf Pattern by Liat Gat

I knitted this fun turquoise scarf in about three hours the night before (unfortunately for me it was the three hours between midnight and 3am!), using Thick 'n' Quick Merino by Euro Yarns, held double, on size 35 needles.

Liat Gat's "Magical TV Scarf" - Fringe Closeup


Yarn: 280 yards of bulky yarn, held double (so: 140 yards of the doubled yarn)
Needles: US Size 35 needles
Finished Measurements: 4.5 inches wide by 7 feet long.
Instructions: CO 7 stitches. Knit every row for 7 feet. Bind off.
Finishing: Don't bother to weave in your ends! Let them blend with the fringe.
For fringe: Cut 16 pieces of yarn, each 28 inches long, and attach eight pieces to each end of scarf using a crochet hook.
Video: how to add fringe using a crochet hook

The amazingly over-the-top fringe is my favorite part of this scarf, because it really shows off the thick-and-thin texture of the yarn better than the rest of the scarf.

Turquoise fringe thick n quick merino scarf

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9 thoughts on “Interview on KUTV2 News This Morning”

  1. Liat!!!!So fun to see you in action, loveit!
    I can't believe 90 000- holy moley.
    (I'll be working on Ravelry this week, promise)

  2. I don't have a pattern to offer. Too much focus on the sock world, I guess. Great column. Your excitement and enthusiasm come straight through the screen. Congratulations on a great day.

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  4. This is awesome! Being the only knitter in my clinic, I am forever trying to get more scarves made between July and Christmas to give to my friends at work :) This will be good for a few of those :) and for general purpose gifting :)

    Thanks for posting the pattern! And congrats on the TV appearance!

  5. Hi I’m in the UK and new to knitting so I thought this scarf would be a nice easy place to start. I just wondered what is meant by “doubled yarn”?

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