2 thoughts on “Knit Purl Gurl Reviews “Learn to Knit in the Round on Magic Loop””

  1. Well Karrie is quite right! It IS a wonderful course – it’s the first one I’ve done and I am sold on the concept! It’s like having a teacher sit beside you, it’s funny and friendly and most importantly in one afternoon I’ve mastered a technique that’s been frustrating me for ages! I’m now off to my LYS to buy the right size needles for the sock I want to knit – singular – I knitted the first one on dpn’s and it fell victim to second sock syndrome.
    I can’t decide if my next topic will be “2 socks at a time”or”speed up your knitting”- either way it’s great value and I wish you all the success in the world Liat.

    1. Wow, Fiona, thank you! Woo hoo! This makes me so happy! YOU are the reason I make these videos.

      For your next course, if you have more than 4 projects going right now, do the “Knit Faster” e-book, because you’ll be able to apply the tips to your current projects. If you have just a couple projects, do the two-at-a-time toe-up socks e-book, because it only takes one skein of worsted and it is SO fun.

      Thanks so much for your kind words!!

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