Slip-Stitch Heel Pattern And Video

Add some texture to your heel flap with an easy slip-stitch heel.

blue knit sock with slip stitch heel, worsted weight
The slip stitch heel adds texture and durability to knitted sock heels

Adding a textured heel flap is an easy way to make the socks more interesting AND to make the heel more durable at the same time.

The slip-stitch heel is super-easy, and it is also nice and stretchy - great if you're not sure how big the sock-recipient's ankle is.

This video shows you not only how to work the slip-stitch heel flap, it also gives you tricks for keeping track of where you are (without writing anything down, of course) and for understanding what you are doing just by looking at your work.

Stitch directions and a pattern you can use are below the video:

Video Thumbnail

KnitFreedom | Socks | Heel Stitches - Slip-Stitch Heel Pattern

The basic pattern for the Slip Stitch heel is:
Row 1 (RS): *(Sl 1, k1), repeat from * across, end k1.
Row 2 and all even rows: Sl 1, P rest of sts.

Download a free Magic Loop sock pattern to use with this heel stitch.

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  1. I am somewhat dense, I suppose. I am wondering why the videos don’t continue to finish the heel…I don’t know how to come back up to complete the heel! How do I do that?

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