How To Use Your Fingers To Help You Knit Faster

two happy fingers "hugging"
Let your fingers work together while you knit!

Your fingers are amazing. Why aren't you letting them help you knit?

Scientists have found that there are more nerve connections between the fingers and the brain than between any other parts of the body.

The fingers are the most delicate instruments available to you, yet what I see a lot of knitters doing is avoiding touching their knitting at all.

Because of this, they don’t have nearly enough control over their stitches - they knit slower, because they are afraid that the stitches will slide off the tips of the needles. Sound familiar?

Solution: Use your fingers to help put your stitches where they need to be and to stop them from falling off your needles, as I show in the video. This will not only make you knit faster but you'll feel more comfortable.

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Using Your Fingers To Help You

Many knitters are afraid that their stitches will fall off the end of their left-hand needles. Use your fingers to prevent that from happening!

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1 thought on “How To Use Your Fingers To Help You Knit Faster”

  1. I like your videos because you don’t mess, around with a bunch of introductory comments. You just get right to it. Many videos are way too long to bear watching and choked with unrelated chatter. Also your close up photos are great. No strain to see what’s happening. I do use my fingers much like you, except for putting right index on wrapping yarn. I hold my needle at a slightly different angle, so it grabs the yarn by itself and never falls off before coming through the loop. Still looking on your site for support getting started on taat socks and magic loop which defeated me long ago. Recommding your site to a beginner friend.

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