45 Perfect Bind-Offs for
Your Knitting Projects

..I Love Bind-Offs!
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Do you have a perfect bind-off for every knitting project?

Or are you settling with one or two so-so techniques? In this comprehensive video guide, I knitted over 200 bind-offs to find the perfect bind-off for every knitting project.

If you're always using the same two bind-offs, this guide will give you the step-by-step guidance you need to finish your work perfectly - every time.

You'll learn:

  • how to choose the perfect finish for your project, including which bind-offs are best for ribbing, lace, cables, seed stitch, and seaming.
  • how to avoid the frustration of redoing yet another bind-off that's too tight or too loose
  • matching bind-offs for your cast-ons (like my favorite two choices to match the the Chinese Waitress Cast-On) 
  • a large variety of choices you have for bind-offs - it is those finishing notes which can make or break a project.
  • how to make the right choice confidently with Liat by your side giving you her friendly expert advice and tips.
  • the most amazing, sturdy buttonhole (not a bind-off, but I just couldn't resist including it!)
  • my new go-to finishing technique for lace (the only bind-off I've found that consistently works on all lace projects, and it doesn't take forever)
  • exactly what to do when disaster strikes and you need to undo your bind-off

Want to see how you will learn each bind-off in the guide?

I Love Bind-Offs Includes
Pictures, step-by-step instructions, video, and animated demos for 45 bind-offs, with my tips on which are the best for your projects..

Standard/Stockinette-Stitch Bind-Offs
1 - s7---braided-rib
Everyone should be familiar with at least one of these basic bind-offs (along with the standard).
Included: Standard, Suspended Variation, Decrease, Crochet, Elastic, Icelandic, Braided Rib, EZ Sewn.

Stretchy/Ribbing Bind-Offs
2 - r2---jssbo
You are going to love the wide variety of choices you have for stretchy bind-offs that work great with ribbing.
Included: In-Pattern, Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy, Yarnover, Cable, Tubular, Invisible Ribbed, Latvian.

Decorative Bind-Offs
3 - d8---ruffle
The easiest way to jazz up a simple project is a decorative bind-off -- and you've got 10 choices.
Included: K2tog, I-Cord, Edging, Picot Hem, Purled Hem, Frilled Standard, Frilled Decrease, Ruffle, Picot Point 1, Picot Point 2

Seaming Bind-Offs
4 - se1---russian-grafting
Seaming doesn't have to be hard or scary -- these bind-offs range from beginner to advanced.
Included: Russian Grafting, Japanese, Zigzag, 3-Needle, 3-Needle I-Cord, Kitchener St, Kitchener for Garter St.

Bind-Offs for Lace
6 - r2---jssbo-lace
When you bind-off on lace, you MUST have a stretchy bind-off so the edge doesn't bunch in. I found 3 winners to use in different situations.
Included: Frilled Standard, JSSBO, Picot Chain

Bind-Offs for Garter Stitch
5 - garterGarter stitch is simple and reversible, but you can ruin it easily with a too-tight bind-off. I've found 3 stretchy bind-offs that are perfect for Garter stitch.
Included: Lativan, Icelandic, EZ Sewn

Bind-Offs for Seed Stitch
7 - r4---cable-seed
Seed stitch is basically a knit-one, purl-one rib where the knits and purls switch off on each row. You'll want your bind-off to match the fabric perfectly and be reversible.
Included: In-Pattern, Cable for Seed St.

2-Color Bind-Offs
8 - co2---double-stitch
The bind-offs on this section use contrasting colors to make a pattern. They're a little advanced, but I help you every step of the way.
Included: Contrasting Edge, Two-Color, Double-Stitch

Sloped Bind-Off
Use the sloped bind-off any time your pattern calls for you to bind off a few stitches every row to make a slanted edge. The Sloped Bind-Off smooths out that edge and eliminates the stair-step effect.

Bonus - Buttonhole!
10 - b1---tulips
While not technically a bind-off, I had to put this in here. You should know this strong buttonhole with matching cast-on and bind-off edges and uniquely strong sides.
Included: Tulips buttonhole

Tips and Tricks
Bind-Off Trick: Neat Edge on Round KnittingTruly the finishing touches for your piece.
Included: Neaten the last stitch of your bind-off on flat and round knitting, fix a too-tight bind-off, count how many stitches you’ve bound off, and undo your bind-off stitches more surprises that you'll have to buy the course to see!

Bonuses Included
Liat's Picks
Icon Glossary
Shorthand Glossary
Matching Cast-Ons
Ability Level Check
Tips and Tricks

Bind-Offs Included
3-Needle I-Cord
Braided Rib
Cable for 1x1 Rib
Cable for 2x2 Rib
Cable for Seed St
Contrasting Color
Frilled Decrease
Frilled Standard
In Pattern
In-Pattern for Seed St
Jeny's Stretchy
JSSBO for 2x2 Rib
Kitchener St
Kitchener Double-Rib
Kitchener for Garter St
Invisible Ribbed
Picot Chain
Picot Hem
Picot Point 1
Picot Point 2
Russian Grafting
Suspended Variation
Tulips Buttonhole
Without Knitting

Quick-Reference Icons

What Liat’s Students Have Said

“Liat, this new course is amazing! You have set the bar for knitting books and videos! Congratulations on a job WELL DONE!” -Carrie B.
“Thank you so much! Super excited to have this very detailed little library at my fingertips." -Shannon
"Thank you SO much, Liat, for really thinking these tutorials through and covering all the bases so meticulously."


45 Perfect Bind-Offs for
Your Knitting Projects

I Love Bind-Offs!
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Here is how each of the 45 bind-offs in this guide are formatted:

Frilled Standard Bind-Off: Animated Demo

Frilled Standard Bind-Off - Animation5---related-bind-offs-etc

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What KnitFreedom Students Have to Say About This Bind-Offs Knitting Class:


This guide makes it possible to find the perfect bind-off for any project & to approach the end of a project with confidence.

–Sarah White, Editor

So Clear and Simple

Thank you for this wonderful video!! i had to bind-off a 1×1 rib and it looked awful. i poked around and looked at dozens of tutorials for this bindoff, and even another video tutorial, and was starting to despair a little.

You made it SO clear and simple, and I did it and it looks great. I put it in a post on my blog. Thanks again!


Better Than 4 Bottles of Tylenol

For less than the price of 4 bottles of extra strength Tylenol I just treated myself to the bundled package deal on Cast Ons and Bind Offs.

Thank you SO much, Liat, for really thinking these tutorials through and covering all the bases so meticulously. Truly, the cast on and the bind off are crucial points in every project, no matter how much you spend on gorgeous yarn and no matter how well you execute the rest of an intricate pattern.

Casting on and binding off are like launching and landing an aircraft--- ALL important and the difference between success and failure, life or death and 4 bottles of Tylenol and hysterics or a cuppa'n'cruller to celebrate!


Invaluable In My Knitting Library

This ebook is a very extensive listing and explanation for all Bindoffs- more than I knew existed! This plus the cast on ebook are invaluable in my knitting library. Both are knitter's must haves.

––Kathleen D.

So Easy to Find a Beautiful Cast-Off

I purchased your "I Love Bind Offs" to have as a resource. When I first received the course I skimmed over it to see what it was like and to know what might help me in the future. Well, that day came today! 

I have been working on a short swing jacket/sweater that has some seed stitch. The collar is done completely in seed stitch. As I began to bind it off as the pattern instructed I was not pleased with the way it was finishing off. I thought, "I bet Liat has a bind off that will work better!". I wondered how easy it would be for me to find just the right bind off for my project. It was sooo easy. I scanned the table of contents and there it was "Bind-offs for Seed St." I read the two ways recommended. The first was just what my pattern had instructed. But the second, "Cable bind-off for seed stitch was just what I was hoping for. After taking out my work I first tried 1 needle size smaller--it still looked a little sloppy. I went down another needle size, just like you had said I might need to do, and voila--a beautiful cast off for my color. I'm so happy with it. 

–Beth L.

Set the Bar for Knitting Videos

Liat, this new course is amazing! You have set the bar for knitting books and videos! Congratulations on a job WELL DONE!