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Tempted by Brioche Knitting? Let an Expert Teacher Guide Your Every Stitch

ebook cover ds-11-briocheBrioche stitch demystified at last. Brioche knitting is complicated. One-color, two-color, and all those weird abbreviations! Luckily, it is well within your abilities to knit brioche with ease. You'll be amazed at what you create!

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Introducing the…

Brioche Knitting Video E-Book - Beginner and Intermediate Brioche Stitch

a "thoughtful and well-presented" guide to the brioche stitch!

Brioche Knitting Video Class Table of Contents

Techniques Shown Both Continental and American-Style

  • One-Color Brioche Knitting
    • One-Color Brioche Knitting – Flat
      • Basic One-Color Brioche Stitch – Flat
    • Knitting in Brioche Stitch – Tips
      • Reading Your Work on Flat Brioche
      • Counting Stitches and Rows on Brioche Stitch
    • Binding Off on Brioche
      • Bind-Off Set-Up for Brioche Knitting
      • Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off
      • Weaving in Ends on Brioche Knitting
    • Selvedge Stitch One-Color Flat Brioche
      • Introduction to Selvedge-Stitch Brioche
      • Italian Cast-On and Tubular Setup
      • Flat Brioche with a Selvedge Edge
      • Italian Bind-Off
    • One-Color Brioche in the Round
      • One-Color Brioche in the Round on Magic Loop
  • Two-Color Brioche Knitting
    • Two-Color Brioche Knitting in the Round
      • Two-Color Brioche in the Round on Magic Loop
      • Reading Your Work in the Round on Two-Color Brioche
      • Decreasing in Two-Color Brioche
    • Two-Color Brioche Knitting – Flat
      • Two-Color Brioche Knitting – Flat
      • Tips for Two-Color Brioche
  • Fixing Mistakes
    • Fixing Mistakes in Brioche Knitting

Get your very own private video brioche knitting course - taking you through every step of four kinds of beginner and intermediate brioche knitting: flat and in the round, with one or two colors.

  • You get a digital e-book class, with step-by-step written instructions and super-clear and thorough video demonstrations of EVERY step, embedded right in the PDF,
  • PLUS a ton of advanced knitting tips that you can only get from an expert teacher who’s been in the business for more than a decade.
  • 20 super-high-quality professionally done videos showcasing everything from the type of yarn and needles to use, to how to read a brioche knitting pattern, and even how to combine brioche stitch with Magic Loop.

Not only will you completely understand how the layers of brioche fabric are constructed, you will be able to read your work and do brioche stitch without reading a pattern!

ebook cover ds-11-brioche

"Brioche Knitting" Video E-Book - Only $36.77


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Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Two-Color Brioche Swatch You will create beautiful one- and two-color scarves, hats, and cowls with this gorgeous color-combination technique.

What is a typical KnitFreedom video knitting course?

  • Newsprint CowlIt’s a digital book in PDF format with high-resolution videos integrated into the lessons
  • The videos stream from the Internet, so you can download the book instantly
  • The streaming videos save your computer’s hard-drive space
  • You get a front-row view of everything you need to learn
  • An expert knitting lesson and a knitting book in one!
  • Study on the go – It’s like your very own mobile classroom!

Brioche e-book testimonial from Chuck D

Learning Brioche Knitting the KnitFreedom Way

Knit the brioche stitch faster, more smoothly, with perfectly even side edges and invisible cast-on and bind-off edges. Here’s more! Learn…

  • How to count your rows and stitches properly in brioche stitch
  • How to measure your gauge for brioche knitting
  • How to create invisible and stretchy cast-ons and bind-offs
  • How to choose the right size needles for brioche
  • How to block brioche knitting
  • How to select the right yarn for brioche
  • How to hide your ends invisibly on two-color brioche stitch
  • How to decrease in the round using two colors
  • How to take out mistakes in brioche
  • How to create different effects by selecting unusual yarn combinations
  • How to work brioche in the round on Magic Loop

You’ll be learning all these expert tricks as a SIDE BENEFIT to learning the main skills of knitting brioche with one and two colors, flat and in-the-round! ebook cover ds-11-brioche

"Brioche Knitting" Video E-Book - Only $36.77


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Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Brian W's testimonial Manly two-color brioche

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ebook cover ds-11-brioche

"Brioche Knitting" Video E-Book - Only $36.77


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Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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What KnitFreedom Students Have to Say About This Brioche Knitting Knitting Class:


I love, Love, LOVE your Brioche course. I feel like it has already paid for itself with just the little tips alone that you have passed along so far.

Not once have I had a problem seeing or understanding what you were doing or explaining. And it began in such an understandable and methodical way. Everything keeps building on what was previously covered… And the videos are OUT-STANDING! !

–Chuck D., Chesapeake, VA

Worth Its Weight in Gold

This eBook is worth its weight in gold (okay, being an ebook, it doesn't actually weight anything, so I guess you could say the book is priceless). Everything you need to work a basic brioche project is covered, from cast-on to weaving in ends on a finished project.

The videos are clear and well-done, and the written instructions are easy to follow and concise. (If you've seen any of Liat's other ebooks, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, you're in for a treat).

–Brian M., Salt Lake City

Tremendously Helpful, Covers Everything

Your Brioche Knitting Course … covers all the things I need to know about knitting the Brioche Stitch. The course is well thought out and the layout progressive. The videos are tremendously helpful as well as the written instructions. There is nothing I would add or change in the course.

–George R.