Double-Knitting Made Easy:
Double Your Color Skills With This Step-by-Step Video Course

ebook cover ds-14-double-knittingDouble-knitting is finally easy.

Learn to create double-knit color designs on your favorite garments. With these tricks, you’ll be amazed at what you create!

"Double-Knitting" Video E-Book
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Double Knitting Video Class Table of Contents

  • Getting Started
    • Pattern Overview/Walkthrough of Finished Piece (Super-Bulky Heart Scarf)
    • How to Read a Double-Knitting Chart
  • Cast-On and Setup for Double Knitting
    • How to Cast On for Double Knitting
    • Set-Up Row for Double Knitting (Row 1)
  • How to Double Knit – Basic
    • How to Double Knit – Plain Stitches (Row 2)
    • Practice Double Knitting (Rows 3-4)
  • How to Double Knit a Charted Design
    • How to Double Knit – Opposite-Color Stitches (Rows 5-6)
    • Practice Double-Knitting (Rows 7-8)
  • Tips for Success
    • How to Keep Your Edges Even
    • Keeping Track of Where You Are in the Row
    • Keeping Your Yarn From Twisting
    • How to Join a New Ball of Yarn
    • How to Double-Knit Really Fast
  • Fixing Mistakes
    • How to Undo Stitches in Double Knitting
    • What Happens When You Don't Move Both Yarns
    • Fixing a Mistake Several Rows Down by Dropping the Stitch Down
    • How to Completely Take Out Multiple Rows 
  • Finishing
    • Bind-Off for Double Knitting
    • Weaving in Ends Invisibly on Double Knitting

Introducing The First And Only Double-Knitting Video E-Book

Even though double knitting is one of the fastest-growing styles of knitting, there is no way to learn everything you need to know - visually - in one place - until now.

How To Double-Knit: Learn...

  • The best way to create an EVEN cast-on
  • How to set up your stitches the first time
  • How to create a double-knitted fabric
  • How to keep your balls of yarn under control!
  • Tips for reading and following a chart
  • The best way to remember which color to use, and when
  • Tricks for creating a smooth edge
  • How to double knit really FAST
  • How to create a matching bind-off
  • How to spot and easily undo and fix mistakes

Plus, you can be at any computer, or even use your iPad, iPhone, or Android device to watch the videos! Full instructions for getting your FREE Double Knitting app are included with the course.

ebook cover ds-14-double-knitting

"Double Knitting" Video E-Book - Satisfaction Guaranteed - Only $26.77

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Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

After my informal double knitting video series hit and stayed at #1 on YouTube for the past year, I decided to create a complete video e-book teaching you everything you need to know to master this new technique.

A video e-book is an instantly-downloadable PDF file, with videos that stream from the Internet embedded directly in your book - placed right where you need them to make every step and tip crystal clear - visually.

Filmed and presented in High-Definition, these close-up, thorough, and fun videos are unlike anything you've seen on YouTube before (unless, of course, you've been a part of the KnitFreedom community for a while)! To see for yourself, I've created a sneak-peak video so you can see exactly what it's like to learn from a KnitFreedom video e-book!

Double-Knitting Video E-Book Peek!

Video Thumbnail

When you've completed your double knitting course, you'll have mastered everything there is to know about this fun technique. You are absolutely guaranteed to love what you learn, or your money back - forever.

For only $26.77, you'll get:

  • An instant download of your 25-page, 20-video PDF
  • Access to the iPhone/iPad/Online version of the Double Knitting course - FREE!
  • Two easy-to-read double knitting scarf patterns - your choice of a heart or checkerboard motif for your first project
  • Access to the KnitFreedom forum and 24/7 encouraging and helpful support
  • To have my undivided, private coaching, in close-up video, again and again!

Become Amazing At Double-Knitting for Only $26.77

ebook cover ds-14-double-knitting

"Double Knitting" Video E-Book - Satisfaction Guaranteed - Only $26.77

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Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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I dare you to find a sweeter guarantee than this.


What KnitFreedom Students Have to Say About This Double Knitting Knitting Class:

A Piece of Cake

Amazing Results on First Attempt

I recently watched your tutorials on double knitting and they were so helpful and the results (even on my first attempt) are amazing so far. :D

Clear and Easy to Understand

Yay! I love this tutorial. So clear and easy to understand! I’m going to make a double knit scarf for my sister for Christmas now. :D So excited!

– -Katie