Two-at-a-Time Mittens - Side View, Cropped

Unlock the Secrets to Knitting The Perfect Mittens With Ease

ebook cover ds-01-mittensKnit the best-fitting mittens ever.

Mittens are fast project that you can often do with one skein of yarn. And you'll be surprised at how easy it is to knit them two-at-a-time!

"2-at-a-Time Mittens" Video E-Book
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Introducing The First And Only Knit Mittens Video E-Book

Get your very own private video knitting course - taking you through every step of how to knit mittens, two-at-a-time, on Magic Loop.

Tiny Bullet GraphicYou get a digital e-book class, with step-by-step written instructions and super-clear and thorough video demonstrations of EVERY step, embedded right in the PDF,
Tiny Bullet GraphicPLUS a ton of intermediate-to-advanced knitting tips that you can only get from an expert teacher who’s been in the business for more than a decade.
Tiny Bullet Graphic24 super-high-quality professionally-done videos showcasing everything from the type of yarn and needles to use, to how to measure to make sure the mitten is going to fit, to every skill and technique needed to make a perfect pair of mittens.

Two-at-a-Time Mittens - Side View, CroppedNot only will you fully understand how mittens are knitted, you’ll learn and perfect the two-at-a-time technique using Magic Loop.

You’ll finish both mittens at the same time, and they’ll be exactly the same.

No going back and doing the second one later, only to forget what you did on the first one!

Two-at-a-Time Mittens Table of Contents

  • Getting Started
    • How to Check Your Gauge in Knitting
    • Mitten Pattern Overview/Walkthrough of Finished Pieces
  • Cast-On
    • Two-at-a-Time Mittens Cast-On
  • Cuff
    • Twisted Rib
    • Keeping Track of the BOR (Beginning of Round)
    • How to Easily Count Rounds of Knitting
    • How to Keep Balls of Yarn from Tangling
  • Hand – Part 1
    • First Round After Ribbing
    • First Hand Increases
  • Thumb – Part 1
    • Increasing for the Thumb
    • Slipping Markers
    • Final Thumb Increases
    • How to Tell If it's Time for an Increase Round
    • Separating the Thumb Stitches onto Waste Yarn
  • Hand – Part 2
    • Knitting the Hand
    • Count Plain Rounds Easily
    • Decreasing for the Hand
    • Count Decrease Rounds Easily
    • Final Hand Decreases
    • Finishing the Top of the Hand
  • Thumb – Part 2
    • Placing Thumb Stitches on Needle
    • Knit the Thumb
    • Finish Thumb
  • Finish Mittens
    • Weave in Ends

Tiny Bullet GraphicIt’s a digital book in PDF format with high-resolution videos integrated into the lessons

Tiny Bullet GraphicThe videos stream from the Internet, so you can download the book instantly

Tiny Bullet GraphicThe streaming videos save your computer’s hard-drive space

Tiny Bullet GraphicYou get a front-row view of everything you need to learn

Tiny Bullet Graphic An expert knitting lesson and a knitting book in one!

Tiny Bullet Graphic Study on the go – It’s like your very own mobile classroom

ebook cover ds-01-mittens

"2-at-a-Time Mittens" Video E-Book
Satisfaction Guaranteed - Only $24.99

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Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Knit faster, more easily, manage your knitting needles and grip, ensure that the mittens will fit perfectly

Here’s more!


Tiny Arrow GraphicHow to count rows without writing anything down

Tiny Arrow GraphicHow to spot increases and decreases

Tiny Arrow GraphicHow to properly start and finish your projects

Tiny Arrow GraphicHow and when to use (and when not to use) stitch markers... Even tips for weaving in your tail if it’s too short!

Tiny Arrow GraphicHow to work twisted ribbing, how to increase evenly without writing anything down

Tiny Arrow GraphicHow to pick up and knit stitches correctly

Tiny Arrow GraphicHow to work a “thumb gusset”

Tiny Arrow GraphicHow to keep your yarn from tangling when knitting two-at-a-time

Tiny Arrow GraphicHow to work centered decreases

Tiny Arrow GraphicHow to redistribute stitches when working in the round on magic loop.

You’ll be learning all these expert tricks as a SIDE BENEFIT to learning the main
skills of how to knit mittens one or two at a time!

Two-at-a-Time Mittens Front View

Order your copy of “Two-at-a-Time Mittens Video E-Book” for only $24.99 right now and you will receive a mobile version E-Book specifically designed for your smartphone as an added bonus.

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ebook cover ds-01-mittens

"2-at-a-Time Mittens" Video E-Book
Satisfaction Guaranteed - Only $24.99

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Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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