Take The Confusion Out Of Toe-Up, Two-at-a-Time Socks With These Step-By-Step Videos

See how easy toe-up socks really are.

"Toe-Up Socks" Video E-Book - Only $17.97

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"I just finished my first pair of 2 @ a time, toe up socks last night! Thanks to your terrific video e-book; couldn't have done it without you!"-Vicki S.

Introducing The First And Only Toe-Up Socks Video E-Book

You can make your socks two-at-a-time, and try them on as you go! Plus, you'll never run out of yarn again. I love to teach toe up socks, and when my knitting classes were continually oversold, I decided to use videos to teach people across the world. So I created a video knitting course that guides you through all the steps of learning this new technique.

How To Knit Toe-Up Socks - Learn...

  • The easiest way to cast on for toe up socks: Judy's Magic Cast-On
  • How to make invisible increases - and recognize them after you've made them
  • How to read your work so you don't have to write anything down
  • The amazing (and easy) no-holes Fleegle Heel
  • How to knit backwards
  • The stretchy and invisible Ribbed Bind-Off
  • How to knit socks two-at-a-time
  • How to knit any size of toe up sock in any weight
  • Tips and tricks for mastering toe up socks (including preventing your balls of yarn from getting tangled), and MUCH more

This book comes with a pattern for worsted-weight toe up socks so that the project goes super-quick, and you get comfortable with making socks before you move on to using small needles.

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"Toe-Up Socks" Video E-Book - Satisfaction Guaranteed - Only $17.97

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Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Sample Page from "Learn to Knit Toe-Up Socks"
Sample Page from "Learn to Knit Toe-Up Socks" (click to enlarge)
What is a video e-book?

  • It's a digital book in PDF format with high-resolution videos integrated into the lessons
  • The videos stream from the Internet, so you can download the book instantly
  • The streaming videos save your computer's hard-drive space
  • You get a front-row view of everything you need to learn
  • An expert knitting lesson and a knitting book in one!

"Your videos are so much better than so many that I've seen on the net, and I want to thank you for sharing them! :-)" -Renna H.

Who is this course good for?

  • Intermediate knitters who know Magic Loop but have never tried socks
  • Experienced sock knitters who want to learn why toe up socks are so great!
  • Knitters who wants to knit two socks at a time
  • Students who want to take their knowledge of Magic Loop to the next level

Because you learn so many new skills in this video course, you should be comfortable with Magic Loop before you begin. Need a refresher? Check out my "Learn to Knit in the Round on Magic Loop" video course, and you'll have all the resources you need to get started!

My in-person Toe Up Sock Class is $65 for a two-week tutorial. The flight to Salt Lake City is about $350! But when you instantly download the video e-book, you get the entire course on your computer, to watch and learn at your own pace, at a fraction of the cost.

You get a way better view than you do in my classes, plus you can pause it anytime! With hundreds of KnitFreedom students happily knitting toe up socks, this is a proven resource. I'm offering the "Learn to Toe Up Socks" course for just $17.97. You're guaranteed to love it!

Since I want you to LOVE knitting toe up socks, try the video knitting course and if you don't love it and tell all your friends, I'll give you your money back and help you find a way to get the resources that work for you.

ebook cover ds-04-toe-up-socks

"Toe-Up Socks" Video E-Book - Satisfaction Guaranteed - Only $17.97

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Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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You have 60 days to put any of my knitting courses to the test.

I’m going to let you take two months to try out my courses! Your experience is guaranteed to be amazing – if you don’t absolutely love all the new skills you’ve learned, and tell all your friends about how great it is to be a Knitting Superstar, you get your money back right away!

I’ll even personally help find the videos you need. Just let me know – I am here for you.

I dare you to find a sweeter guarantee than this.

What KnitFreedom Students Have to Say About This Toe-Up Socks Knitting Class:

Can’t Wait to Do More

BEST teaching EVER! Liat breaks everything down so that even complex steps are easy to learn... and her tips on how to knit quicker, more efficiently, and avoiding common errors are the most useful help I have ever received.

I thought knitting socks would be an arcane process that was accessible only to the experienced knitter. I'm pretty much a beginner, although I did know magic loop... and now I've knitted my first pair of socks and can't wait to do more.

– ggraveled

Absolutely Fabulous

This is the best instruction video! Not only does it present clear instruction, it also answers so many of those little? questions such as how to keep the darned yarn from tangling, how to keep the loop from twisting and/or disappearing, how to position the stitches on the needles, etc. Absolutely fabulous and I am SO happy I bought the book. Thank you!


So Easy, Turned Out Beautifully

Wow! You are one terrific knitting teacher.

Your videos are so easy to understand and presented so well. I really appreciate the camera angle, colors and light you use, I feel as though I’m looking at the real thing right before my eyes!

Your toe-up socks on the Magic Loop were so easy and turned out beautifully. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Xanthey73

It’s Easy and Clear

I LOVE your ebook. I got the toe up sock and your videos make everything so clear, it's easy to scroll to the place I want and I can work at my computer without having to make the rest of the household watch my DVDs.

– Andrea

Just Finished First Pair

I just finished my first pair of 2 @ a time, toe up socks last night! Thanks to your terrific video e-book and email advice; couldn’t have done it without you.

– Vicki S.

My Base for All Socks

I learned to knit socks with your tutorial. I’ve only knit a few pairs so far but your patterns are my base for all socks and now I knit them toe-up using your tutorial on that as well. All Magic Loop. Thanks!

– KnittingSmurf

Makes Sense

I just want to tell you guys how great I think you are!

I had looked at many toe-up sock videos, but yours is the one that made the most sense... and made me feel like I could actually do socks.

Whenever anyone at KnittingParadise asks for help with socks, I always refer them to you. Thank you so much!

– Joan L.

A Complete Pair of Socks

Thank you so much for these awesome videos. You have helped me so much. Thank you! Now I know I can do a complete pair of socks. I always get stuck on the heel. Thanks to you I know I can do it!

– Zimmermann611