What Are the New Things Going on With Knitfreedom?

While the blog, email, and Facebook page have been quiet, a LOT is going on behind the scenes at KnitFreedom.

Customer Accounts – Sign In To All Purchases With One Password

First, every customer who has ever bought a class on KnitFreedom now has an account. More information here.

Need help? Candy at Customer Happiness can help get you set up to sign into your account to see the classes you bought and add any that may be missing.

Mobile-Ready Theme

Now you can visit KnitFreedom, buy classes, and watch videos from your mobile device. It's about time!!

Site Improvements (In Progress):

I am in the process of making it so you can find every video on KnitFreedom very quickly and easily - no more long class pages that will crash your iPad browser, etc. I have already set up many new pages that I haven't told anyone about yet - for a sneak peek check out these links:

Free Patterns

Now all our free patterns are easier to find and you can download each pattern right from its own page (when logged in). https://knitfreedom.com/free-patterns. There are also 5 or 6 new patterns for beginners.

KnitFreedom Forum

I finally started a forum for answering knitting questions on KnitFreedom. Feel free to ask about our patterns, classes, anything you need help on that has to do with KnitFreedom and knitting. I am personally answering everything. https://knitfreedom.com/forum.

New Resources For Reading Patterns

Understanding knitting patterns is a huge part of what it takes to become a Knitting Superstar. Now you can look up any abbreviation, knitting term, or basic knitting technique using the links below (these will be incorporated into our menu in the future).

I hope you enjoy clicking around on these links! All is a work in progress but this is the kind of experience you will soon be able to have when going to your paid classes and/or looking up any other video or technique.

Site Search

KnitFreedom now has a search box in the menu so you can search for things like "wrap and turn" or "JSSBO" and find the video for it. You can also search in the box below.

I will definitely be putting up more NEW knitting videos and topics once the site is more usable for everyone. Thank you for your infinite patience!

Last Updated: August 6, 2018

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