Errata for Super Bulky Socks

1/13/15: Changes made to Top-Down Version, “Turn Heel” section.
Originally the pattern had 5 rows in the “turn heel” section.

CORRECTION. The pattern has been changed to read:

Turn Heel:

Row 1- Sl 1, K4, SKP, K1, turn.
Row 2- Sl 1, P1, P2tog, P1, turn.
Row 3- Sl 1, K2, SKP, K1.

Resume knitting in the round.

1/13/15: Changes made to Top-Down Version, “Pick up sts for heel gusset” section.
Originally the pattern read “You should have 17 sts on the heel needle.”

CORRECTION. The pattern has been changed to read:

You should have 19 sts on the heel needle. 8(10) sts still remain on instep needle.
Knit across instep.

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