Knit Picks Founder Kelley Petkun Interviews Liat for Knit Picks Special E-Book Author Podcast

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Last month, I was so honored to be interviewed by the vivacious founder of Knit Picks, Kelley Petkun. I’ve been partnered with KnitPicks for a few months now, and I’m so lucky to be able to share my video e-book classes with all of their readers.

The great thing about KnitPicks (apart from a fabulous and reasonably-priced set of circular needles) is how open they are to publishing new designers.

In an industry that is biased towards a few heavy-hitting designers, it’s easy  for up-and-coming knitwear designers to get discouraged.

I’m not the first one to that it’s refreshing to feel so welcomed by Knit Picks. I’ve heard from other budding knitwear designer friends, too, that Knit Picks is a great place to get started.

When Knit Picks decided to do a special podcast on e-book authors, I was delighted to be chosen as a part of the group!

Listen to the short interview below, or subscribe to the KnitPicks Podcast in iTunes to listen on your iPod whenever you want.

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8 Responses to Knit Picks Founder Kelley Petkun Interviews Liat for Knit Picks Special E-Book Author Podcast

  1. Rebecca says:

    What a great interview!!! Hopefully that will help you reach many other knitters, as Knit Picks is a pretty popular site. I’m so glad she chose to interview you, you make us proud!

    • liatmgat says:

      Thank you Rebecca!! It was originally spinne’s idea that I get in touch with them, and look where it has lead! I’m so lucky. :)

  2. Char says:

    I had a double squee when I heard this episode. Two of my favorites together. That was a great interview.

  3. Laura Sue says:

    Totally worked for me. I just listened to the podcast and came straight here. I’m one of those “intermediate knitters” you are talking about.

  4. DeeDee says:

    Hi Liat,
    I love watching and listening to your video’s with your exceptionally clear knitting instructions. Do you expect to create a DVD so that I can share your gift of knitting with groups I facilitate?

    • Liat Gat says:

      Hi DeeDee, thank you so much! I’m not going to create a DVD, although I am working on projects that will work just as well as or better than a DVD for most students. I’ll email you and we can talk about how to get my videos in front of your knitting groups.

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