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How to Neaten the Last Stitch of Your Bind-Off in the Round

This bind-off trick for knitting in the round totally changed by life. Make the last stitch invisible? It’s a no-brainer. Every single time you’re binding off in the round, use this trick to make the join completely disappear. No one … Continue reading

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Never Run Out Of Tail Casting On – The Infinite-Tail Method

If you have to cast on a lot of stitches, say, for a sweater or a long circular scarf, you might have trouble estimating the amount of tail you will need. Instead of trying to estimate and then risking either … Continue reading

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Why Your Cast-On Is Too Tight… And How To Fix It

If your cast-on is too tight, you are probably pulling the wrong yarn. When you are doing a long-tail cast-on and you snug up the stitches as you cast on, tug with your thumb, not your index finger. Why? This … Continue reading

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For Perfectionist Knitters Only: How To Knit a Swatch In a Hurry

Are You The Kind Of Knitter Who Thinks You “Should” Knit a Gauge Swatch — And Hardly Ever Does? Do you say things like… “I really should collect all my swatches and do something with them,” or “I want to … Continue reading

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Manage Your Stitches Right For Faster Knitting

Hi Y’all! Just a quick post today – I’m headed to Buenos Aires in a few hours (well don’t I feel like Carmen San Diego?!) to see some tango, visit the “Pink House” (the Argentine White House), and shop the … Continue reading

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