Judy’s Magic Cast-On (JMCO)

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Judy's Magic Cast-On

Characteristics: Magic Loop, has matching bind-off, invisible, recommended, toe-up socks Difficulty: Intermediate

Judy's Magic Cast-On is a fantastic double-sided cast-on.

Not only is it the sturdiest of the double-sided cast-ons, in my opinion it is also the easiest to knit into, which is when it really counts.

Invented by Judy Becker, this cast-on creates a row of knitting in between the two rows of live stitches on your needles.

I recommend using a long circular needle instead of double-points to do this cast-on.

Abbreviation: JMCO

Recommended Materials: Long circular needle, stitch marker


1. Twist your working yarn and tail yarn around each other once when you finish the cast-on. This will hold the stitches in place.

2. Make sure to place a marker at the beginning of the round, since your tail will be on the inside of your work and, after a while, you won't be able to see it.

3. To knit the first round, start with the knit side facing towards you and the needle tips pointing to the right. Pull the bottom needle out to start knitting in the round using Magic Loop.

More Information

To do Judy's Magic Cast-On (JMCO) for Two-at-at-Time Toe-Up Socks, see this video.

The matching bind-off for this and all double-sided cast-ons is Kitchener Stitch.