Fantastic Mosaics ebook cover with 100% Happiness and Joy Guarantee

Fantastic Mosaics ebook cover with 100% Happiness and Joy Guarantee

Fantastic Mosaics Video Knitting Class

Video image of tour inside Fantastic Mosaics video class
Are you a beginner or intermediate knitter who would love to knit with multiple colors? Are you an advanced knitter who just never got the hang of mosaic charts?
In this short and easy video guide, I walk you through how to easily create beautiful color knitting projects without learning harder techniques like Fair-Isle knitting.
First, I want to share with you something that is very important. Mosaic knitting is for everyone. Mosaic knitting is a color-knitting technique that’s easier than Fair-Isle, Intarsia, Brioche, or any other kind of stranded knitting. It’s for beginners who can just knit and purl, intermediate knitters who have done stripes, and even advanced knitters that can do stranded knitting and read charts. This technique creates beautiful, complicated-looking projects without a steep learning curve. The bottom line? Mosaic knitting is for you! mosaic-zigzag-horizontal-rule

In Fantastic Mosaics, you’ll learn:

  • How to start with mosaic knitting for beginners, intermediate, or advanced knitters (including swatches, videos, and my exclusive step-by-step photo collages)
  • My tip on how to keep your tension just right so you’ll always end up with a fabric that lays nice and flat
  • A quick one-sentence rule that makes remembering where to look while you’re knitting super simple
  • Exactly what to do when you make a mistake – you’ll never need to rip out your work or go backwards!
  • How to create striped and zig-zag fabric easily with me by your side giving you my friendly expert advice and tips.
  • My “twist” on mosaic knitting that allows you to create interesting, complicated looking designs with what you’ve already learned
  • The secrets to unraveling mosaic charts (which will enable you to knit any kind of chart with confidence)
  • My picks for the perfect yarn for your mosaic projects – you don’t have to go through the trial and error that I did to choose the best supplies for your projects.

Fantastic Mosaics Includes:

Simple and effective modules on easy, intermediate, and advanced mosaic knitting – with video, swatches, and photo tutorials for each.

1. Quick Start Guide 

Not too tech-savvy? That’s okay. In the Quick Start Guide, I’ll walk you through how to use this class, whether you’re using the video PDF or online class. Need some help getting your videos playing? Our Customer Happiness Expert, Candy, is only an email away.

2. Introduction: What is Mosaic Knitting?

From the origins of mosaic knitting patterns to a walk-through of how you’ll learn this technique in my class, you’ll know exactly where you’re going next and what you’ll be learning (this is so important when you’re learning something new!).

3. Learn Basic Mosaic Knitting Fast with a Super-Easy Swatch

Learn basic mosaic with the easy mosaic brick patternHigh definition video with picture-in-picture instructions will give you the exact steps to learn how to make this easy mosaic knitting pattern. At the end of this chapter, you’ll have knitted your very first mosaic swatch. Included: High definition video, plus step-by-step photo tutorials with embedded tips so you know exactly what to do next.

4. Three Important Tips for Mosaic Knitting

In this section of the class, you’ll learn the three rules of mosaic knitting that will help you advance with confidence. These tips are vital, not just for mosaic knitting patterns, but for any color-knitting project.

5. How to Fix Your Mosaic Knitting Mistakes Easily

troubleshooting-1What happens when you end up stuck and confused at the end of a row of stitches? Can you find where you deviated from the instructions? I’ll show you how to find and fix your mistakes without ripping out your work.

6. Make Complex Mosaic Patterns with the Slip-Stitch Technique

Swatch of zigzag stripes slip stitch mosaic patternThe slip-stitch technique is a way to make even more creative color designs. At the end of this module, you’ll have a beautiful zig-zag swatch and you’ll be ready to knit the included practice pattern (more on that below).

7. Fixing Mosaic Mistakes Part Two – Advanced

You wouldn’t be learning if you didn’t make any mistakes, so in this section I show you how to catch and fix common intermediate mosaic-knitting mistakes.

8. Free Mosaic Throw Pillow Pattern – Exclusively In Fantastic Mosaics

Practice what you’ve learned and challenge yourself more by creating a zig-zag striped mosaic throw pillow that you can match to any decor. Self-striping yarn makes it look much more difficult than it actually is.

9. Recommended Mosaic Knitting Patterns for Every Ability Level

Strike out on your own before you even finish the class by exploring our collection of great patterns to try next. Included: 18 top-pick mosaic knitting patterns for beginner, intermediate, and advanced knitters.

10. Mosaic Knitting Charts – They Don’t Have to Be Impossibly Hard Anymore

Learn mosaic charts without stress with this boxes swatchMosaic charts have given many a skilled knitter a headache – until now. I teach you the rules and tricks for following mosaic charts without overwhelming you with details. Included: A practice mosaic swatch and chart; a 20-minute step-by-step video showing you every move, and picture-in-picture instructions so you don’t lose your place. Also Included: Step-by-step chart notes you can print out and refer to as you knit.

11. Recommended Yarn List and Tips for Buying Yarn for Color-Knitting Projects

Don’t waste precious time searching for the right yarn for your next mosaic projects. I’ve done the work for you and found great self-striping yarns in a variety of weights that will work great for future projects. Included: A quick reference list of links to recommended self-striping yarns in worsted, aran, and bulky weights.

…plus more surprises that you’ll have to buy the class to see!

Fantastic Mosaics ebook cover with 100% Happiness and Joy Guarantee

Fantastic Mosaics Video Knitting Class

What Liat’s Students Have Said

“Thank You” to Liat and her team at KnitFreedom for the best videos, the most clear instructions and caring enough about customers to have a Customer Happiness Expert who answers questions quickly and kindly. You have a customer for life!” –Michele R.
“Thank you so much! Super excited to have this very detailed little library at my fingertips.” -Shannon
“Thank you SO much, Liat, for really thinking these tutorials through and covering all the bases so meticulously.”
“Your instructions and videos are amazing. Your videography is wonderful and clear. Thank you for the attention you put into this. –Susan Mason
Liat, this new course is amazing! You have set the bar for knitting books and videos! Congratulations on a job WELL DONE!” -Carrie B.


Fantastic Mosaics ebook cover with 100% Happiness and Joy Guarantee

Fantastic Mosaics Video Knitting Class

The KnitFreedom Happiness and Joy Guarantee

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I’m going to let you take two months to try out my classes! Your experience is guaranteed to be amazing – if you don’t absolutely love all the new skills you’ve learned, and tell all your friends about how great it is to be a Knitting Superstar, you get your money back right away! I’ll even personally help find the videos you need. Just let me know – I am here for you. Our Customer Happiness Expert, Candy, is just an email away too, and she’ll help you with anything you need – just reply to any email we’ve sent you.

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