Gorgeous guy wearing a mistake-rib scarf in bulky yarn

Mistake-Rib Stitch: An Easy, Masculine Scarf-Stitch

It’s so rugged and burly, I actually just like to call it “man-stitch.” Why? In a chunky yarn this is a perfect stitch for a guy’s scarf or sweater, and it’s super-easy – but not boring – to knit. “Man-stitch” actually has a different official name: it’s called Mistake Rib or Broken Rib. Mistake-rib fabric …

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Jared Flood Sepia Headshot

Jared Flood Interview: Inside Brooklyn Tweed & Shelter

Welcome to a world of heathered colors, pure American wool, and you-can-almost-feel-it photography. Meet Jared Flood.

In an exclusive interview for KNITFreedom, the man behind the Brooklyn Tweed scarf, the Hemlock Ring blanket, and the Koolhaas hat, shares inspiration, design advice, and how he the developed unique color-palettes behind his new Shelter and Loft yarns.

3-Needle Bind-Off: A Great Easy Bind-Off For Sweater Shoulders

You want amazing-looking shoulders, right? No, no, no! Not that kind! On your sweaters! Well, if we can’t all have the first, I promise that we can all have the second. A great technique for finishing sweaters shoulders is the three-needle bind-off. However, this can be a little intimidating! Yes, it uses three needles instead …

3-Needle Bind-Off: A Great Easy Bind-Off For Sweater ShouldersRead More »

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