When You Forget Increases On Your Fleegle Heel

So many of my lovely students are knitting (and loving) two-at-a-time toe-up socks, that I thought I'd make you a video on a very common mistake people make.

Many people forget to increase on the left side of their knitting when doing the gusset for the Fleegle Heel. All of a sudden you've got 19 stitches on one toe-up Fleegle heel and 20 on the other.

It usually happens right when you start saying,"Yeah, I think I've got the hang of it!" You start getting in the groove, and you forget to increase.

Here's how to recognize it, and how to fix it:

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KNITFreedom - Troubleshooting Toe-Up Heel: Forgetting To Increase

Just be sure to quickly count your stitches every five rows or so, so you don't get too far ahead if you've made a mistake.

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2 thoughts on “When You Forget Increases On Your Fleegle Heel”

  1. Help! I’m doing the worsted weight socks but just one at a time. I got to the end of my last increase row where I should have 30 stitches on the heel needle, but I only have 29. I can see that I forgot to do the last M1r increase. I cannot mentally figure out how to go back and fix it! I have the heel row facing me with needles pointing to the right and the missed increase is on the left side. Help!

  2. Hi Shannon, what a great learning opportunity!

    Here’s what I would do: knit across the heel stitches until you are one stitch from the end. Then use the ladder in the second row to go down and create a M1R on the third row down. Then just knit across the new stitch using the working yarn.

    If that sounds too complicated, just knit across the heel stitches and do a M1R one stitch before the end. It won’t be perfectly even but it will be totally fine.

    Then start the short-row heel when you come around again to the heel stitches.

    I hope this helps!

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