Liat and Knitting for Health In The News

Knitting and its health benefits are in the news again.

Like me, many of you have experienced the benefits of knitting firsthand. Whether it helps you unwind after a long day, gives you something to look forward to completing, or has other positive impacts on your life, you know that knitting has a positive impact on your health.
Springtime Bandit by Kate Gagnon Osborn

The Craft Yarn Council (CYC) has just released an article with a ton of scientific research to back up what we already knew – knitting is healthy! And I’m extra excited about this article because I had the opportunity to be a part of it.

My History

I have written about my personal history before, but wanted to share a bit for those who may not know how knitting saved my life.

About eight years ago, I was in an eating disorder treatment center and I had forgotten how to pursue so many of the things that had once brought me joy in life. Instead of focusing on meaningful relationships, sports, and constructive projects, I spent all of my time focusing on losing weight as my way of feeling successful.

While I worked on getting better through counseling and learning healthy eating habits, I was also reintroduced to knitting. I improved on the skills I had all but forgotten and also started teaching other girls how to knit.

Knitting gave me a sense of purpose. I began to focus on something more meaningful and beautiful than losing weight and I found that I had a talent for helping others learn to knit, too!

A New Path

Knitting helped my life take a new turn. I got a job at my local yarn store where I got to spend my days immersed in a beautiful craft. I was helping people solve their knitting problems and finding myself along the way.

I love helping people learn how to knit faster and easier. Eventually, I established KnitFreedom and was able to reach even more students. Last summer, I went on a big national television tour where I was able to tell my story. Here’s the clip from one of my best segments, in Tucson, AZ:

Because of that tour and all of the media attention that surrounded it, the Craft Yarn Council became familiar with my work and interviewed me to be a part of their article on knitting and its health benefits.

The Knitting for Health Movement

The wealth of information in the CYC article is amazing. I was so glad to finally see scientific evidence supporting why knitting makes you calmer and can help you overcome addictions.

I was hoping that there would be more research on the impact of knitting on the brain. I was disappointed that there wasn’t much research available yet. However, I was encouraged to see that researchers are finally setting up studies! Hospitals are setting up knitting groups for nurses and patients to see if knitting can help them with stress and also to understand why it helps them.

When I was on tour, one of the things that I was so touched by was the number of people who wanted to share their personal story with me. People reached out to me about how knitting helped them recover from brain injuries, strokes, and other terrible tragedies.

I was told stories about people who had lost the ability to walk and who had lost their entire family in a tragic accident. They told me how this simple craft gave them a spot of light, a distraction, something beautiful to focus on amidst the chaos and pain.

I can’t wait to see more research on these benefits of knitting. I hope to continue to be a part of this amazing movement.

Knitting for the Future

two happy fingers "hugging"

I am so blessed to have been saved by knitting and I want to use what I have learned to help save others. There are places in our communities that can benefit from this craft who don’t always have access to it.

It is my goal to work with projects that will help to bring knitting behind bars, into therapy groups, and inside clinics like the one that helped me.

On a Personal Note

One of my many goals with KnitFreedom is to be able to give back and stay connected to the roots of what has brought me to where I am today. I don’t know where I would be without the people who cared enough to help me through the most difficult time in my life.

If you know someone who is struggling with an eating disorder, I would highly recommend the amazing staff at Avalon Hills Eating Disorder Clinic in Utah. No matter how difficult it might be, if someone in your life is struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating, tell them you love them and that you think they have a problem, and that help is out there.

Thank you to the friend who did this for me. Thank you to all of you for supporting me and KnitFreedom. I am so excited about what the future holds.

I’d love to hear more stories about how knitting has helped you. It never stops amazing me to hear about how much of a positive impact this craft has on our world. Leave a comment below.

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New Website Sneak Peek – Erica’s Top 2 Favorite Features

KnitFreedom new site (2.0)For several months now, both Liat and I have had the opportunity to talk to many of you about the new KnitFreedom website that is coming. We are both incredibly excited about the new site and wanted to start sharing some of the amazing new features that will be available to you.

It wasn’t easy, but I picked my top two favorite new features of the site to share with you – personalized accounts and a fully integrated forum.

Personalized Accounts

Ever forget to save your Download Links e-mails from KnitFreedom or have trouble remembering which e-books you have already purchased? We know that can be frustrating and wanted to make accessing your favorite content easier than ever before. To do that, we are giving every student an account where you can save your e-books, favorite articles, and patterns.

New "my account" menu bar - new KnitFreedom site

Here’s how part of the homepage will look when you are logged in:

New KnitFreedom Website Member Area

Fully Integrated Forum

We love getting your questions and being able to share answers with the entire KnitFreedom community. Now, when you have questions, you will get to stay right on KnitFreedom and your questions – and answers – will be tracked right inside of your Personalized Account.

We’ll Keep You Posted

I hope a little sneak peek into what is coming will get you as excited as it has us. We still have some work to do and will continue to share updates with you. If you have any suggestions or things you hope to see on the new site, you can always feel free to share them with us. We want KnitFreedom to be the place for all of your knitting needs.

Coming Next Week: Craft Yarn Council’s New Article on Knitting and Its Health Benefits – Featuring Liat!

Leave a Comment

Do you have questions about the upcoming site? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Introducing: I Love Bind-Offs (it’s here, it’s here!)

Without further ado, I want to introduce you to my brand new baby, I Love Bind-Offs. It was a challenging labor but SO worth it in the end.

To celebrate I Love Bind-Offs’ arrival, I want to give you 25% off until Monday (3/10/14) at 11:59pm. The discount is already applied, no code necessary.

>> Click here to learn more about the guide <<



Proud New Mom, Liat

PS – Don’t forget, you have 25% off I Love Bind-Offs until Monday!

>> Click here to learn more about the guide <<

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What All The Bind-Offs Look Like: A Bind-Off Extravaganza

Context is everything! When you see all the bind-offs together, you can get a complete idea of what is there, how you can use them, and how they fit together. Enjoy! All bind-offs are detailed in the upcoming ebook, I Love Bind-Offs.

Decorative Bind-Offs Sampler

Standard Bind-Offs Sampler

And the

Ribbed Bind-Offs Sampler (1x1 Rib)

Don’t forget
2×2 rib…

Seaming Bind-Offs Sampler

But wait!
There’s more…

Round Two…. ! Aw yeah: Continue reading

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What I Learned From Knitting 200 Bind-Offs

200 Bind-Offs: Pile-up animation

198… 199… 200…

As you may know by now, I’ve been working over the past three months to bring you a new and amazing e-book on bind-offs.

What you may not know is that I did not have an endless encyclopedia of these finishing techniques in my head when I started.

To create the ebook, I didn’t want to just record videos of bind-offs that other people chose for their books, or even pass on what they said without testing everything for myself.

I wanted to dive in and analyze each of the bind-offs that I would include in my e-book, mainly so that I could offer you what no other resource does — my opinion!

The choice was clear: I was going to have to knit them all.

Continue reading

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