Introducing: Fantastic Mosaics! Color Knitting for Everyone

I am so excited to introduce my brand new video course, Fantastic Mosaics!

Our giveaway has ended, and the lucky winner has been notified via email (we had thousands of entries – thank you so much for your support).

If you didn’t win the bundle, have no fear – there’s something special here for you, too. I didn’t want to leave you out if you didn’t win the giveaway, so I’ve added an exclusive bonus just for the next few days.

When you purchase Fantastic Mosaics before 11:59pm Pacific time on Monday (3/30/15), you’ll receive a special series of bonus coaching emails where I’ll walk you through the entire course step-by-step with bonus tips, helpful links, and encouragement along the way.

Ebook cover of Fantastic Mosaics with a blue shop-now badge

Fantastic Mosaics has already had some amazing feedback from our reviewers.

Peggy W. said, “This is so fun I couldn’t stop knitting! The video is, as always, perfect.” Thanks, Peggy!’s Sarah White called Fantastic Mosaics “a fun, detailed and approachable guide to the technique.”

I can’t wait for you to see what makes mosaics fantastic!

>> Click here to learn more about Fantastic Mosaics <<

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Giveaway! Win a Copy of Fantastic Mosaics, Knitting Superstar, and 1-on-1 Time With Me

Today we have something super special for you to celebrate my upcoming video course Fantastic Mosaics – a giveaway!

Below, you can enter to win an amazing bundle of three prizes:

  1. A copy of my newest video course coming out March 28th, Fantastic Mosaics
  2. A copy of my Ultimate Knitting Course, Knitting Superstar
  3. A private, 20 minute 1-on-1 call with me, KnitFreedom founder Liat Gat

We will notify the winner via email on Saturday, March 28th by 6:30am PST. Continue reading

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How To Do Basic Mosaic Knitting – Video and Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial

How to Do Basic Mosaic Knitting

In Monday’s blog post introducing the color-knitting technique of mosaic knitting, I showed you a variety of the creative, colorful, and textured mosaic knitting patterns out there.

Now it’s time for you to try your hand at this new technique. As much as I can try to describe how mosaic knitting patterns work, the easiest way to understand is to try it yourself.

Stack of 4 brightly colored mosaic slip-stitch dishcloths in a 6-row brick pattern

Ballband Dishcloth: An example of the kind of project you’ll be able to do after working through this tutorial

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have made a little mosaic swatch of a simple brick pattern, which happens to be the foundation of quite a few cute and easy projects (like the Ballband Dishcloth above). Continue reading

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What Is Mosaic Knitting? An Introduction to Color-Knitting’s Best Kept Secret

Welsh Blanket Boomerangby Susan Ashcroft

Mosaic Knitting – Color-Knitting’s Best-Kept Secret

What is mosaic knitting, you ask? I don’t blame you for wondering. Mosaic knitting is a little-known yet wonderful and easy way of knitting with two colors.

Mosaic knitting is so easy that anyone can do it. That’s because you never have to knit with two colors at once, which makes it perfect for beginners (or anyone who has not yet tried color-knitting). Continue reading

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5 Ways To Relieve Knitting Back, Shoulder, and Neck Pain – Video Demonstration with Posture Expert Esther Gokhale

Liat Gat showing how to lengthen the neck using a head cushion placed on the headAfter a yoga injury a couple years ago, I have struggled with back pain that has confused my doctors and physical therapists.

After feeling stuck and not getting much better, I became depressed and gained weight. This also impacted my knitting – no one wants to knit while they are in pain!

I began searching high and low for an answer that did not include medication or surgery.

Fortunately, I stumbled across a book and teacher that eventually changed my life and helped me heal my back. I just knew I had to share this technique with all my fellow knitters!

Plus, instead of doing a book review, I thought – why not film a video with the author herself? Continue reading

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