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Video Link Fixing a Dropped Knit Stitch
Video Link K2tog – Knit 2 Together

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Become A Knitting Superstar

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Become a Knitting Superstar

St/Sts Stitch/Stitches
RS Right Side — as in the side that faces outward when you’re done
WS Wrong Side — the inside of the garment
MC Main Color — will be designated in the pattern, or you will choose one yourself
CC Contrasting Color
Cont Continue
[As] Foll [As] Follows, or Following. Often used with Cont., as in “Cont. as foll:”
Rnd(s) Round(s) — one row of round knitting
Rem Remain/Remaining. As in “26 sts rem.” Helps keep you on track.
Rep Repeat.
Break Yarn Cut yarn. I don’t know why they call it breaking, although it is a good reminder that it is an option when you don’t have any scissors. Always leave a six-inch tail for weaving in.
Turn Turn your work around so that the other side is facing you. Sometimes, you will be instructed to turn your work even when you are not at the end of a row. That’s okay — it’s all part of the plan.
In Pattern According to the same pattern you’ve just been doing.
Work Even Continue in the same stitch pattern without adding or subtracting any stitches (usually means just knit).
( ) Refers to whatever is in the parenthesis as a discrete group. As in “(K1, P2) 5 times.”
Rep From * Repeat from *, a way of explaining what part of the pattern to go back to. As in “K5, *(P2, K5), rep from * to end.”
Across To the end of the row/round.
To End To the end of the row/round.

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