Learn To Knit: Free Video Knitting Lesson

This is an excerpt from our free Learn-to-Knit Class.

Step 1: Get your yarn ready

When you come home, fish around in the inside of the ball of yarn to find the end.

Pull the yarn from the middle of the ball so that it doesn’t roll around the foor as you knit (to the great disappointment of your cat).

If you pull out a ton of yarn, wrap the extra around the ball of yarn for now.

If you remove the yarn label, keep it so that that you’ll know what you bought in case you want more. You can put it in a ziplock bag or log it in your yarn stash on Ravelry.com.

Optional: Prepare your fringe. If you’d like to add fringe to your scarf, make sure to cut it ahead of time as follows: cut 30 strands of yarn, each two feet long, and set them aside.

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Step 2: Learn to cast on

Knitted items are built out of stitches, in the same way that a brick wall is made out of bricks: by stacking them up in rows. However, a knitted “wall” is incredibly simple: each brick, or stitch, is stacked directly on top of the previous one. You must start your scarf by laying a foundation of stitches, which is called “casting on.”

Here’s the easiest way to cast on – it’s called a backwards-loop cast-on. Grab your yarn and one needle, and practice casting on along with the video.

When you’ve got the hang of it, begin your scarf by casting on 12 stitches (this includes the slipknot that you started with). In order to get you used to the language of knitting instructions, here’s how you would abbreviate that: CO 12 sts (the word “stitch” is abbreviated “st”). Pretty simple, no?

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Step 3: Learn how to tension your yarn

You’ll be holding both needles as well as manipulating a strand of yarn (called tensioning) – here’s how to do this comfortably and correctly.

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In the rest of this course, you’ll make a quick, easy scarf for under $20, and while you’re doing that, you’ll learn…

  • How to pick inexpensive, quality yarn for your first project
  • How to find the end of your ball of yarn
  • How to hold your needles comfortably
  • The easiest way to cast on
  • The basic knit stitch, with tips and tricks to make it easier
  • Troubleshooting for common beginner issues and mistakes
  • Easy tricks to learning to read a pattern
  • How to bind off
  • How to attach fringe to your scarf, and
  • Where to go next!

Misti Alpaca chunky garter stitch scarfThis video class includes a pattern for a chunky, fringed scarf written just for beginners so that you learn to knit using all these techniques AND have something beautiful to show for it!

So let’s get started! You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain, from learning this wonderful hobby.

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